AzN gIrL aVaTaR PiCk uP


oh well… anyways theres still one more avatar waiting but… thelonewolf… ummmm can you image the avatar you ask me to do… if so…size it up to 160x64… yeah… it doesnt even look remotely nice…:bluu: … so when i catch you on AIM i think its better to give another pic…or do you want just the face in the avatar???

sup man,

I always wanted a cute azn girl avatar. Is there anyway i can get one in a similar style but a different girl? thanks a lot man

Yo man, is it possible for you to make an av without the flashy flashy goin on?

Yeah of coruse i know…lol:lol: i just get really bored… i guess ill start doing something else then…

anyways Broham… your gonna have to supple the pic you want…

Here’s a pic of a hot girl. I was wondering if u can leave the Broham: member of the elite krew on the bottom like my current av. A cool bacground like your storm avatar would be nice too. Thanx again man

all i can offer is some matches on kaillera or some game vids. Thanks again yo:D

Errrrr… “Broham: member of the elite krew on the bottom like my current av”

Ummm im not suppose to do this stuff usally only your team mates can make you avatars… or somewhat… like 2nasty…sorry but i dont do avatar for a crew… unless your in the ones im in…

ill only make if like the other azn girl avatars…

asian demon,

my bad man. 2nasty makes all the avs i got. I justed wanted a hot asian girl avatar for myself. Anyway you make it would be good. doesnt need tek on it or nothin. :slight_smile:

Ummmmm I cant get the pic… it says sorry site thingy is off and crap… can you link the pic in a attachment?

here you go man

LOL, just to let you know EVERYONE… this is not a request thread…:lol:

anyways sorry Broham for taking so long… it was the weekend… and ya know…

awesome av man, can i get it without flashing tho? thanks again man.


thanx man, i appreciate the avatar. Hit me up on aim or whatever for game vids or whatever. thanx again :slight_smile: