Azrael Photoshop Challenge. LET'S DO IT PEOPLE

In the spirit of the Marn Photoshop Challenge - I present the Azrael Photoshop Challenge.

Az slipped up and showed us his true self in the “show yourself” thread. He didn’t want people to look at that pic and think “how could he be so evil, so diabolical, so raep-hungry, etc,” so he deleted it. But not before a select few quickdraws managed to save it to their hard drive, me being one of them.

I accidentally saved over the original picture after I cropped it. But it is still intact, the proportions are not stretched at all:

The quality isn’t the best, but I think it can be worked with.

And here’s my scrubby, 5 minute attempt:

Anyway I’ll just leave it to the pros.


edit: TornadoFlame - I believe you saved the file to your drive as well. If it’s the full pic, please post it or PM it to me. Though it probably won’t matter much since the pic I provided isn’t stretched and shows his whole face.

Oh yea and, of course, thanks for the source material Azrael!!!

You’re my favorite poster of all time and congratulations on your journey to the dark side

Wow there are better pics of him.

nah to blurry

come on sas! heres ur chance for a burgah kang pic!

yeah no

close thread plz

You suck sixshot