Azumanga Daioh Fighting Game?!

I was searching for the Melty Blood English patch, and I came across this website:

It has some archived information in relation to asian video games; further down the page, this image shows up:

with a caption thats says:

Comic White has just put online some new screenshot from their next game, a 2d fighting game.

I could not find ANY information aside from this; can anyone enlighten me?

Until they find a working site for Comic White, no. =x Looks fun tho. Wouldn’t doubt Chiyo-Chichi being top.

??? Does look pretty interesting. I’ll look through the system shit in a little bit.

Woah! I can’t believe you find this! Good job; how did you find it?

Yes actually, this is a bit old (released some time last year). The game is fairly fun to play, but it’s REAALLY broken.

Some highlights include Kagura’s air Showtime loop for 100%, Osaka’s instant triangle jump (makes magneto jealous), and Yukari-sensei’s Burst > Dash > Overdrive super that just… does 100% damage for no reason.

It’s a riot if you love just screwing around in something new, to break it or whatever else.

Where did you get it? I would love to play it.

have it. from my experience it’s not to be takin serioulsy. u can execute cancels and u can power up ur moves and u have guard break moves. haven’t played it in a while but u can download it at hongfire and judge for urself. there’s also a patch floating around that has all the secret characters unlocked. at this point i think maybe chiyo might be pretty good as she could iad ala guitly gear and spam the lp’s. i have it around for it’s comic value haven’t played it seriously so don’t take my word for it.

Cut the referral page off the url, went to the main index of that geocities page, followed the redirect there. At some point they moved off of Geocities(for good reason), and the site you found never updated, provided the page you gave me was accurate too…=/

Fuck yeah, today my day was full of Azumanga Daioh, first I receive the complete series on the mail and now this. Great I cant wait to play this.

I haven’t been able to find a link yet, but if anyone does, I implore you to please post it here.


So here’s what I have found so far:

The game is called “A Taisen Shiyo” and it’s based off a doujin which is also based off of Azumanga Daioh. There is a second game, an update, called A Taisen Shiyo Come Back.

That’s all I have.

It looks like the game is reffered to as “Azumanga Fighter” around the internet; try searching for that.

I swear, there are Azu- games for every genre… bomberman-type, beach volleyball, kart racing, tetris…

I didn’t realize that there was such a HUGE Doujin Fighting Game community; there is even a fighting game called “Valkyrie Fight Tag” based off of Valkyrie Profile.
I thought Melty Blood was one of a kind, I was very wrong.

…and the anime alrady made minimal sense, but lovable none the less.

I need this game.

The Valkyrie Tag game was somewhat decent, as it wasn’t a GG clone like the rest of doujin games that I’ve seen. There are way too many GG clones out there…

(not knocking GG- but I’d want to see some Dojin games with more SF-like gameplay)

this is where i got my copy from although it was quite a while back so the torrent is probably dead. if u’ve reached member status at hf then u should probably request to have it reseeded.


move lists plz?

and thanks to whoever found this and put up the download link

the link in post#3.

the link contains 3 links in the center of the page. 2nd link is for the general system of the game. the 3rd link is for advice which contains links to characters and their moves.

Anyone have alink for the PAtch that unlockes everyone in “A Taisen shiyo comeback” ? I have been looking for it for a while and can’t find it.