Azumanga Daioh Fighting Game?!

wow this game looks like very well made Mugen

OK, so I found a copy and played it; it’s not without it’s charm, but it is seriously aimed towards fans. It’s rather slow, but you have the option to speed it up. There are four buttons: weak, medium, strong, and cancel. The graphics are sub-par at best, even four a Doujin Fighting Game. It’s still fun though, I haven’t even scratched the surface of it yet.

I have the game. It’s pretty broken. And Kagura kinda sucks. :frowning:

Kagura sucks? She gets 100% damage combos if she has a few bars of meter. What you need to keep in mind is that her Air Showtime floor bounces, and you recover very fast. So for as long as you have meter, you can do it and then floor bounce into j.C > again. Use your last bar of meter for her rush super, because it also does stupid damage.
You can setup into the loop from any… just cancel to a C, then her sholder attack (can’t remember how it’s done, she sort of hops forward sideways) cancels right into air showtime.

Setup doesn’t work against Chiyo though, she’s too small or something weird like that.

Aside from the bosses, Osaka seems to be the best because her showtime instant cancel basically gives her mixups that are impossible to block any time she has meter. It also lets her loop standard ground combos for pretty decent damage.

There’s a little bit of broken all over this game, I guess that’s what makes it kind of fun.

I want to nail Kagura so bad!!!

wow, this site u posted has weird games i never heard of. Melty Blood is the only one i really play…

Any one try any of these games and know if there worth getting or not?

Eternal Fighter Zero, Immaterial and Missing Power, and Melty Blood are probably the best you will get in terms of Doujin Fighters. EFZ is very well balanced (better than #R for that matter), IaMP is pretty well balanced too. These are the only ones I would probably try to take seriously.

Party Breakers (Queen of Hearts 2k1) is fairly decent, but a little slow, and the OTG system is silly as hell. Queen of Heart 99 is one of the most hilariously fun to play doujin fighters… tons of characters (lots of secret ones too), very simple to pick up and play. The real meat of the fun is 4 player mode, which is somehow a million times better than Isuka ever could have been.

Arm Joe is also pretty hilarious from what I hear. Valkery Tag is interesting, but kind of odd. Most anything else is just scraping the bottom.
For things other than fighters, they are kind of hit and miss. The Touhou shooters are very good overall. Others, your mileage will vary.

I must concur.

@Gwyrgyn Blood: Dunno… I’ve probably played the game no more than 6 hours total so I’m prolly uninformed about lots of things. :frowning:

I couldn’t get IaMP to work on my computer; I’ll check out Party Breaker. The four player sounds awesome; thanks!

IaMP needs the beefiest system of any Doujin fighter I’ve played. Why exactly didn’t it work anyway?

4-player mode is unfortunately not in Party Breakers, only in QoH99. Do give it a check, it’s a lot of fun.

It gave me one of those “needs to shut down” messages.

That’s shitty business about Party Breaker, I’m downloading it as we speak…

the game was on Tokyo Toshokan sometime last year and right up until the “purge”, that’s where i got it. dunno where you can find it now…


the torrent isn’t working :frowning:

would anyone be kind enough to upload it somewhere?

So has anyone found the “unlock all characters” patch/save yet?

This game is very broken. I did a combo vid of it a while ago. It’s very basic video edit wise.Might still have it somewhere if anyones interested in it.

how can i get it to work with my controller? :frowning:

Eternal Fighter Zero is arguably the single best doujinshi fighter there is.

Immaterial and Missing Power (same creators as EFZ) arguable has the prettiest graphics together with Melty Blood, but it does have some balance issues (Remilia) and it is not a pure traditional fighter (the game is based of shooting games, so ther is a shooting element in the game). Melty Blood is probably the most known, but in terms of gameplay it falls a bit short.