Azure Striker Gunvolt - Inafune's Other (not)Megaman Game


Coming out this year for the 3DS.

Looks to be something in the vein of the MegaMan Zero games.


FUCK, I need to change my pants




Thinking of purchasing 3ds for this game. It is glorious!


Stop giving Inafune so much credit, Inticreates are the geniuses here.

Looks like a bizarre mix between Megaman Zero and Gunstars Heroes, other than the Chain attack, I’m loving the trailer entirely.


To be honest it looked like a Megaman game without Megaman characters except for a few mechanics, but it still looked pretty fun to play regardless.



Although Megaman hasn’t been revived, “Megaman” has been revived. Couldn’t be happier right now! (Not)Megaman, (Not)Megaman Zero…

All we need now is a (Not)Megaman Legends.


EX Trooper is (Not)Megaman Legends. Capcom refuses to port it over here.

Gunvolt can’t come soon enough. I want to expand my 3DS library


I think I’ll wait until he makes a “not Mega Man Legends 3” game…


Yo, that story is too deep, man.


I am so glad I bought a 3DS.


Nintendo’s favorite kid is the 3DS, which makes sense because it was born before the Wii U.


i don’t own a 3ds but man that looks like fun


I really need to get a 3DS. This looks really fun


Hey, Capcom…


Looks like Inafune is rebuilding his empire very well. Soon we’ll have a game that imbodies Volnutt and Inafune’s vision of Megaman Legends 3. Throw your monies at him.


Given time along with a chunk of your money on these pseudo mega man games, it will happen.

I wonder when and who will help bring this one out to the Western nations, shouldn’t take that long hopefully.


seriously though, doesn’t he get sick of making this game over and over? now he’s doing two of them at the same time. i guess there’s still a lot of room to explore creative opportunities with the megaman formula.


This game looks great… but Inafune made his version of Monster Hunter, is making his version of Mega Man, now his version of MM Zero. Everything Inafune and his company does seems to be motivated by revenge.

“Capcom sent us to hell… but we’re going even deeper. Remake everything that we’ve lost”


I so want to get the new Megaman X game Azure Striker Gunvolt.
Only part the trailer I didn’t like is when that guy was talking. Look I don’t care who he is or what he did in the past, show me the bloody game footage.

You Know for SCIENCE