B assist ? ....chip squad

are there any good uses for it …maybe tri jumpers is all i can think of or flying sent

chip squad i wanna know who to play on point …ice man y spiral a doom b i’m usin spiral first i like to activate swords chuck em hit em wit an ice beam assist between the 3and 5 sword some where dash in w/spiral then lp mp hp call out doom btween mp and hp recharge my swords and get back in there its basically annoys the opponent into making a silly mistake and taking the damage

with doom on point i begin by zoning with air photons and chipping wit icebeams and swords and pinning with the diving kick along with the assists the traps are escapable but if ur careless your gonna take some damage out side the chip and this method builds up meter so fast your head will spin

with iceman i zone with d+hp from the air with avalanches to keep them under me i rush in to do some chip with doom covering me and doin the icecream beam a lot everyone knows the air combo

it has had some sucess frickin mags kills it tho if he gets in

comments questions corrections and other strats are welcome