B.B.Hood glitch

Does B.B.Hood have a glitch?

yes, but its usless, doesn’t matter, and can’t help you… don’t worry bout glitches w/ lower tiered characters

xcept Tron, Juggy, umm…I cant remember the others…

Whats the glitch.

Venom & B.B. Hood

Venom Webb(qcf+pp), quickly DHC (before venom starts hitting you) Into Beautiful Memory(hcf+kk). If opponent is Cable perform Time Flip(qcf+kk) while the glitch is in progress. Cable will freeze and the background will stay in Hyper combo animation, It does’nt have to be Cable, this could be done with anybody else.
If opponent is Venom, bust the glitch in the player 2 corner, dont press anything, he’ll freeze for a while. This works on Dreamcast and Arcade I dont know about Xbox or PS2.

Venom & B.B. Hood

If the opponent switches during the Glicth, anything done to him/her will be a combo, now thats an INFINITE :eek:

More can be done after the glitch is almost over. For example after BB Hood throws you into the water and you land on the air and kinda floating for a little while you can do a hurricane kick with Ryu or Akuma and they will keep spining.

The Glitch can also be done with a different team. Hayato/BB Hood/Zangeif(Throw Assist). Hayato as main character send zangeif assist then do super with hayato were he goes forward with his sword then cancel into Beautiful Memory.I found it out because of the Glitch King mike z.Also with that Glitch instead of doing Beautiful Memory you can do Hyper Apple for You? super instead and have more glitches done to get people frozen in wierd positions not like the ones with Beautiful Memory. :encore:

For example you can get people stuck in above the screen, you can get people frozen on the ground looking as if they had been knocked out with or without super background so even if time runs out the match would never end. :encore:

Crazy Shit Man. I did the Hyper Apple For You Glitch on SonSon and while the glicth was in progress I did the move where she walks on the wall (qcb+K)and when the glitch was over sonson was twirling in place. Funny Shit. :rofl:

Yea I got that to happen. It could be done with Beautiful Memory also but has hard timing. I can also get BB Hood to keep spinning in the air with the 2 character control glitch by Jadon. I’ll show it to you guys later if I can.

Have you killed somebody using this glitch, killing the final character with it does’nt really kill him, but you get the background hyper combo finish thing just like when you kill somebody with Dan’s Premium Signature(qcf+K) But if you kill the first character with it and Tag him/her out and kill the second character with it they’ll just lay on the ground, you cant touch them, the other character won’t come in and the game runs really slow.

Ironman/Hood glitch:

Or it seems like it anyways lp,lk,sp,fk,toward fp ,call IM beam assist/
lp basket attack into Cruel hunting,if you time it right right
all bullets should hit,cancel Into Im.super. Some thing about that beam that makes
it just hurt more cause it takes off way less if you didnt do the beam.