B.B. Hood Rocket Launcher/ Charge Moves


I’ve been watching a lot of B.B Hood playthroughs and noticed how fast people can do the rocket launcher move. I know its a charge move and I can do the rocket launcher moves both on the ground and in the air but its really slow. I have to hold back or diagonal back for a long time for the attack to register and sometimes it doesn’t even register! Is there a secret to executing these moves quicker? I want to be able to make this move intuitive but Its hard when I don’t really understand charge moves in general. PLease HALP



I don’t play BB Hood, so you’ll have to wait for help a bit, sorry. Help has been bat-signaled, so stay put!


Well with charge moves it’s simple. You hold back or down depending on the input of your move to charge it. Then after a specific amount of time you move forward or up and press the attack button simultaneously to perform the move. The trick with charge moves is getting the timing down for them and learning how to hold the back button while attacking. For example lets say you are jumping in at your foe. While in the air you can charge your charge move by sampling holding back while in the air. When you land you can execute your charge move right away because you already charged it while in the air.


GREAT! thanks! that made a lot of sense. I’m going to try that out asap.