B.B. Hood Strat Thread

Since no one has made it a thread yet I’ll do it…Post up any strats u got for B.B.Hood…peace


Use her low height to your advantage sure she’s not Roll but she can crouch a lot of projectile attacks i.e. Unibeam

Her cool hunting super has a fast start up,you can easily capitalize on whiffed Rocket Punches,Proton Cannons,Viper Beams


There is already a thread on B. B. hood. Anybody use her with tron’s throw assist…i mean it sets up cruel hunting super. And if tron is ever the last character which she should be, you get the two assist button lunch rush super.

A standing FK will get you so far against triangle jumpers that you may start laughing when they get mad at you.


a kinda impractical 5 mines combo

enemy cornered
jump in lk lk fk (mine 1), jump forward, delay lk, delay fk (mine 2), superjump lp lk lp lk fk (mine 3), fk (mine 4) as they fall to your falling height, then normal jump and lk, fk (mine 5). 64 damage on cable, timing differs for al characters. the satisfaction of making the enemy explode five times in one combo i guess would piss them off.

qcb+p, qcf+pp = :evil:

Try this combo:

lk,mk+(thanos capture assist), then in air lp,lk,mp,hp while opponent is in the “bubble” follow up with your favorite combo…:smiley:

I think her slow rocket(sonic boom) is pretty good if u do that call a ground covering assit(storm projectile/etc) and then jump around and mine. Thats basicaly all my game is with her, anyone have any strats on how to “rush down” with her or any strats on actauly gameplay or match ups?

use her jump hp for cross-ups you’ll be surprised on how effective her cross up is plus it hits 3-4 times and it hits quite deep…launch missiles to cover you while dashing or jumping, the missiles prevent your opponent from rushing you and when you’re close and the lp or lk missile hits your almost guaranteed to set up your fave combo…

Basically that’s how I rush down with her…:stuck_out_tongue:


Well, I was looking through the posts and I’m glad to see that others use BB as much as I try to. I fell in love with her Hunter super when one person did it to me the first time. Damage is great, even if blocked. Here is how I use her.

Turtle/trap/battery. Toss out HK minesxx into any missle attack (slow ones work best for me). As the missle travels across the screen, you can whiff out another HK mine. As the explosioin hits the blocking opponent, repeat with a HKminexx-Missle. The real key is getting a Projectile assist in as you toss out mines. Between the Mine, Missile, and Assist… you’ve got a simple turtle/trap/battery. It’s very easy and 8 yr olds can do it.

Most opponents will try and super jump/airdash they’re way past. When this happens you can use her little HP/motlov cocktail. If you want to get aggressive, use Jump-in HK+Prjct Asst, crouch HKxx Missle, crouch HK+Prjct Asst, Jump-in HK… Depending on the assist, you may not be able to get the 2nd crouchHK in. It’s not the best rush. In fact it’s moderate. But with HK’s and misssles with assists, you will have plenty of meter for you other friends.

Her Hunter Super has certain properties that I’m still in the dark about. I only know of a few small factors that affect the amount of damage delt.

#1 To get MAX damage, you have to connect with both her and her hunter’s shots. If you catch the opponent with just her gun or just the hunter’s missles then you end up with around 1/2 of what the Max would have been.

#2 If you try to let it go TOO close to a small target, you just whiff the whole thing over the opponent.

#3 There is a property that I would like to know more about but it applies to all projectile supers. Abyss’ 3rd form. If you try and do the Hunter super and it hits it’s red body, then you do Massive damage. Hoever if you pull it out and you only hit the “Black Sphere”, then you only get about 1/4 -2/5 of what the total would’ve been. You know the difference because the hits create a sound like a “metal clanging”. This is also true with AHVB, MegaO/B, ProtCann, and similar projectile supers. I’m not sure but I believe this is normal, and part of Abbyss’ properties. Now this is where I get confused. There have been times where I’ve had the same thing happen against Sent. When it connects, you hear the metal clang and the damage is reduced by more than 1/2. From what I can tell, this is because the super came after a hit which knocked Sent back and into the missle portion of the super. It’s strange. I’m sure sombody else could explain it better who knows more about this.

Well, that’s some simple stuff to work with. I’m just a noob myself so my advise is considered kinda shakey. Anyway hope you have fun with her. She’s not great, but she’ not bad.

I been fightin a lot of BB Hood’s lately, and I got a question. Is tere somn about the mine that makes it unblockable? I’ve been getting hit a LOT lately by these things, even when I blocked perfectly. . . . ? ? ? ? Any explanation?

Mines are good moves when you think they’re going to approach you because even if they hit you, the mines will stop them from doing their combo (and if you’re quick you might even get a Cruel Hunting). It’s hard to block mines when you’re approaching BBHood.

As for strategy, it’s pretty simplistic. Shoot missile (whatever strength you want), jump in fierce, low shorts into missile and repeat. Occasional tick into super grab, or if any of that hits combo into Cruel Hunting.



        COMING SOON  IN 2006!!!!!


Her s.HK is great for keeping magneto rush down atempts very low. Her team work with Dr Doom(AA) is great because of her s. HK keeps character away alot. She is basicly a block damage character and a major damage character meaning that she does great block damage and does the best damage with combos linked to Supers. She doesn’t do much damage as a combo person but combo damage builds up. I am not saying try and do combos I am saying that when ever you get the chance do a air combo ending with a HP then when you land use Dr Doom(AA) then jump forward HP, you land on the other side then do punches and kick to keep them down while Doom is hiting from the other side with his rocks. Aim low with lk because they might forget to block down and that sets up to Doom to knock them your opponent up with his rocks then you can go a air combo or try to keep them more depending on how high your opponent is knocked up by Dr Doom’s rock.

One of the best things to do with the hood is to always throw mines. They’re delay can easily break up combos and supers, and it keeps all the rushdowns and triangle jumpers away. Though you may git hit one or two times, as long as you get out the mine, you’l save yourself from takin some major damage. And the best thing to do is to charge a missle while throwing a mine, and then throw the missle and cancel the mine. The mine will still come out, so it’s a quick 2-hit combo, and it gives you some breathing room from the rushdowns.

And here’s a corner combo I just discovered:
jump in with Amazing Shot(f.p.),charge back,lp,lk,lk missle==>Apple For You. Though the count breaks up, the Apple For You is still unblockable, you’ll know because your opponent will still be on fire from the missle when you connect the super.
After she flips off, dash in lk, Tricky Purse Cut(f+f.p.), Cheer and Fire(f,d,df+hk)==>Cruel Hunting.
Altogether 80+hits on opponents that take the full hits from the Cruel Hunting.

If they don’t roll after the HA4U then you can get those extra hits and super in; in Darkstonian’s combo.

BB Hood is alright by herself but has more of a chance against rush down if you have good AA like Dr Doom and IM. She isn’t very good against runaway because you want your opponent to try and rush you down and get hit by your partners. Her block damage is more than decent but not as good as S/D. She is best on the ground though which is not useful against a flying sentinel. Her double is great when against a Sentinel though and against him as a partner. Her Hp can knock a Sentinel from the air straight flat on the ground then you can block damage him with a Doom. Her Flaming champagne isn’t good against a s./c. Sentinel though which sucks because it should but doesn’t. Missiles are great to have for unsuspecting damage because sometimes people just don’t block when they are about to land. They can be used surprise the opponent which they do when they fly with Doom rocks(AA). Also but I not sure; you know when a character covers another like over lapping writing on a picture. Dr Doom is like the writing while BB Hood is the picture which is great for trying to trick the opponent. :karate:


alot of people dont know how to play against a bb hood rushing you down she got so many tools to hurt you with tron and sentdrones behind her

one tactic i constantly use with Hood is to let out a slow missle(usually low) then dash in, then jump in with a mine. As I land i do the mine that shoots out from her skirt(down/back Fierce)and then follow that up with a fast low missle. Then i repeat the jump in and if im lucky pull it off again. An opponant will usually try to super jump out of this pattern, and when they do i wait until theyre descending from the super jump(only if theyre descending within half a screen aways from me lengthwise), call out Mag’s capture assist, then hit Cruel Hunting.