B.B. Hood

I’m kinda new to MvC2 and relatively new to the fighting game genre, so please bear with me.

I’m shown some interest in B.B. Hood. I know her place on the tier list, but I do not care. I’d like to get better with her (I’m gonna take this game a character at a time. Find interest in a character, get better with them and play 'em).

First of all, I’ve been messing around with her Cool Hunting Hyper Combo and noticed that only Baby Bonnie’s Uzi hits most enemies. Only enemies like Sentinel and Juggernaut get the full effect of the Hyper. This leaves about only 29 damage done to all normal sized characters. How should I approach this? I tried using her launcher to launch enemies and quickly busting out the Hyper. This works relatively well, but I need to work more at it. Any tips on easily getting normal sized characters to feel the full effect of Cool Hunting? Also, when is the best time to utilize the other Hypers? I know the Apple For You Hyper is a command grab, which is nice, but the damage doesn’t really amount to Cool Hunting’s. Any suggestions on when to use the other two Hypers?

Second, I would just like some more tactics on using this character. Keep in mind, I am fairly new to fighters and pretty new to MvC2. Any sort of tips to becoming better would be nice. I don’t know much of the mechanics like air dashing and how to properly cancel, so being as elementary as possible would be a big help. Try not to use too much jargon, without explaining it please.

I appreciate any help given. Thank you.

If you play ox Xbox send a friend request I play her a bit and can help you out a little.


Did you look in the BB Hood Forum? Some nice stuff in there. But you should totally send me a friend request. I been playing BB Hood lately, and I can teach you some stuff.

BB Hood is way better than what the tier list say. Don’t listen to the tier list unless it is talking about the top 10.

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Wheres the B.B. Hood forum???