B&B Question

I’ve only used this character like once or twice. I dont even really know all her moves or combos. I was doing one of her b&b’s but I noticed that it didn’t hit everyone.

c.jab, c.jab, c.strong xx qcf+punch

I was wondering if this combo was character specific and if so which characters it works on. Also is there a better combo to use that works on everyone?

You have to connect the qcf+p really fast for it to work. Another combo could be cr. short x3, cr.jab, qcf+p. Or you could just do cr.short xx st. strong , then go into a mixup game from there. Such as using the mp version of the fire bird for pressure. Crossup after that, combo, or tick throw. You could just do walking st. jab x5 , it’ll combo. You could go from there to the mp or jab version of the flaming bird , or grab onto the bird and and throw the fierce version of the bird.

That’s the funnies thing i’ve ever heard :smiley:

can you link into s.strong? I want to combo int the hcf.punch move…

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No it won’t but like i said, u have to combo cr. mp into qcf+p fast. Or, do cr. short x3, cr. jab, qcf+p.

but it should combo on all characters? it seemed like with certain characters no matter how hard i tried it always went over their heads, and with others it would never ever miss.

It might be on how close u r to the char. when ur doing the combo.

Instead of using her flying slide move, try using the one that keeps her grounded in the combo (B, D/B, D+P).

it doesn’t connect unless u do it REALLY FAST.

i find that hard to do because i cant go to neutral first (while i hit the last button in the combo)

for pure damage cr. mpx2 > mutsube is what you can go for. Must be real close obviously and works on most characters cept some of the girly ones i believe. Link is tricky (as most of her normals cept jab) but ca$h money off crossups.

BTW, does anyone know of any cool bird usages?

u can lvl 3 bird dive of the s.rh flip ( first hit ) its hard as fuck and i doubt that anyone can get that shit consistently.

You can link two shorts into a standing mp and buffer a ground slide.

It’s fifty times harder than it was in CvS1, but it’s possible.

A more practical and easier combo is c.lk x2 -> stand lp XX upward slashing move.

Is there a way to link into super. All i can think of is cr.short 2x > fwd, Fdwn, down + HK, bkdown, back> Hcb+P. and that is ridiculously hard. cr short into sweep is hard enough.

Also, is there any good usage out of st. forward? what are its properities?

If you’re talking about the flying bird super, it’ll juggle off of a sweep.

If you’re talking about the diving off the bird super, then no.

how do you guys start off matches? i usually play mvc2, so i barely know anything in cvs2. i usually use nakoruru, but i still don’t know strats and combos and stuff. should i read gamefaqs for stuff, or stick to stuff on here?

Can someone tell me how to do Nakoruruu’s Supers from the air and if someone knows when the best time to use it, I could really use some advise and also her POWER UP super is very difficult for me.


Actually, you can combo the dive super off of close standing HK. You have to do it really fast, works with any level. Hopefully I can fucking get my combo video done soon. Look for it on sonichurricane.com :smiley:

A simple combo is jab or short x3, c.rh. Your standard four hit combo, and you can go into the flame bird super after.

Here are some …

  1. Cross over short, close standing jab and crouch roundhouse into bird super … (The close jab is the most easiest to connect a crouch Roundhouse afterwards) …

  2. Two crouching strongs into any slash (ground slash is the best … This is a great combo) quick tip The way I do this combo that makes it easier for me is … When going for the second crouch strong, I go Hurricane kick motion then crouch strong and then from there I start the half circle motion and end it at down forward then Fierce.

  3. Down forward Fierce (rolley polley move hehe :smiley: ) then link crouch strong into any slice …

Here is a OOO’s and AHHH’s combo that I love doin hehe …

  1. (C-Groove) Low strong, link duck short then duck roundhouse into level 2 bird super … then cancel into air slash move (have to do this last minute after the bird hits … Lots of damage and stun on this one. This combo is very easy to link if you’ve mastered the crouch short to crouch roundhouse.

Oh by the way that combo is character specific … So I went ahead and did the homework for yall :evil:

Blanka <~~ yaaaay!!
Sagat <~~ yet another YAAAY!!
Athena <~~~ For her you can only do it on first player side … And also I believe when she is dizzy, you cannot do this combo to her at all

Just too bad Cammy wasn’t on that list huh? :mad:

Here’s a pointer to cancel crouching roundhouse into bird super easier if your having trouble … When performing reverse half circle, hit the roundhouse at down back (I suggest you hold down the roundhouse kick to stop Negative edge from happening) then do another reverse half circle and then punch … If done right that should stop you from getting onto the bird (believe me when I say that pissed the fuck out of me when I kept doin that hehe). Good luck :slight_smile:

P.P.S. Argh! I hate 2nd guessing my own stuff hehe… #4 was originally written for combo (Rolley polley link crouch short into low roundhouse into lvl 2 Bird cancel into upward slash) <— The list of characters are for this combo… The one that is in #4 will work on both sides including Athena… Still no Cammy though :mad:

Wow, that’s fucking awesome. Thanks :cool: