B.G.N. Presents Super Street Fighter 4 AE 2012 Tournament {Dec 17th}

[LEFT]31 Dunsmore Lane[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Barrie, Ontario[/LEFT]
[LEFT]December 17, the first Fight Night following the long awaited launch of the latest, greatest, most balanced, and most importantly FINAL edition of the Street Fighter 4 series.[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Night Schedule[/LEFT]
[LEFT]3:00 pm - 5:00 pm Level up training[/LEFT]
[LEFT]5:01 pm - 6:30 pm Casuals / meet n greeting new players/old friends[/LEFT]
[LEFT]6:31 pm - 7:30 pm Salty money matches[/LEFT]
[LEFT]7:45 pm - 11:00pm SSF4 AE. 2010 tournament (Xbox 360)[/LEFT]
[LEFT]11:01pm - ??? am SALTY RUN BACKS (starring Marlon) … love you man[/LEFT]
[LEFT]LEVEL UP TRAINING - This is something a bit different me and 3 other experienced players are going sit down with newcomers and aspiring top players to help level up their game to help everyone set goals and get competitive in the fighting game world. Comment below if you want to have one of the 16 thirty minute blocks between the four instructors.[/LEFT]
[LEFT]CASUALS/MEET n GREET - Play some matches make some rivals maybe even some friends! Most importantly scope out the competition for the money matches and tournament to come later. Also please take this as an opportunity to meet many players coming back from a long break (Anthony did retire the champion but he will not return the champ) or even more brand new players to our community or fighting games all together. If you have any interest in competitive fighting games these people will be your friends, competition and team mates for some time to come.[/LEFT]
[LEFT]SALTY MONEY MATCHES - You obviously aren’t a close friend of Robin Clair if he has never challenged you to a money match. My favorite part of fighting game gatherings. Essentially if your unfamiliar with this portion of the night it is people who feel there skill level is above another player put money behind their words by putting a dollar value on a pre-planned set of games, winner takes all. This section the more salt you bring the more hype the results. Inbox me a pre arranged money match you have planned so I can throw it on the schedule. Just to start the planning off someone throw Mike Mccallum my $50 first to five. Thanks. Eat DIRT![/LEFT]
[LEFT]SSF4 AE 2012 TOURNAMENT - Alright the main event the rules are as follows[/LEFT]
[LEFT]$2 entry fee winner[/LEFT]
[LEFT]1st = 60%, 2nd = 30%, 3rd 10%[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Double Elimination (you must lose twice to be removed for the event)[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Preliminary Rounds = 3 of 5, Semi’s 4 of 7 Grand Finals First to 5[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Counter picking characters only on loss[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Both players must agree to stage[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Ultra select AFTER both characters are locked in[/LEFT]
[LEFT]No coaching once players take seats[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Be a good sport[/LEFT]
[LEFT]SALTY RUN BACKS - Someone random you out? Lost because of a “bad match up”? No one wanted to ban Abel? WELL REMATCH the puss bag infront of whoever is still awake to watch you exploit them or your own lack of skill. Talk to Marlon for Salty run backs times infinity.[/LEFT]

If you are interested in joining the tournament please Reply here or send myself (Jaden Thunder), a PM on Facebook. Open to ALL Players of ALL Skill levels. If you are female don’t hesitate to join the tournament and show some guys up either.


Facebook group if you want to reply there as well and get more information on a more uptodate pace.](‘http://www.facebook.com/events/148847995219810/’)

Hey guys, just a word of advice to check existing tournament scheduling as there is an ESC tournament already taking place on the 17th.

It’s great to see Barrie getting involved in the competitive scene again but for your first publicly posted tournament in a while I would assume you’d like to garner as much support as possible.

^^ i was told to post this here by the person running it, seeing they only use Facebook for some reason. But, would be willing to move it to the sunday he said. but i dont know many tournys that run on Sundays cept for 2-3days tournys where sunday is all finals and such

Also, what are the details on the venue? There’s just an address.

PM me or chat on FB.

apparently the venue is just some guys house lol
best of luck