B.mk, grappler invincibility?

Has anyone else noticed any inviniability properties with his b.mk. While playing hugo today his 360 went straight through me because I was using his axe kick at the time. He was in close enough to grab me aswell but it just went straight through. Im guessing it’s because his b.mk moves him backwards, but I swear im sure he’s close enough to grab.

Has anyone looked into this?

Where i play, there are people that throw you outta reaction as soon as Ken’s leg goes up from hi b.mk. So no, i’ve never heard nor seen anything like that about ken’s b.mk.

He leans back during the b. mk, no? This move would not create any invulnerability, however if Ken is leaning back when he does it, it may move him a TINY bit out of throw range. This would explain the occurance that happened, but since I don’t play Ken very much, I can’t confirm it. Urien has a similar kick with his standing roundhouse which is great against baited throws.

hugos 360 owns b.mk for free… :badboy:

actually the original poster has it backwards. most axe kicks in 3s provide smaller hit boxes, ie urien. unfortunately ken’s makes him fat and vulnerable. it’s a combo that should be used sparingly, and only if you can do it > 95%.

Heh, Ken as fat and vulnerable :karate: Thanks for the correct information, as I was just taking a guess.

If Hugo was indeed close enough to grab you, what paulee said should apply and you shoulda been thrown. My only other guess is that he wasn’t close enough to you.

Ok cool. He must have been only just out of range, by like, 1 frame.

It was good though, it happened 4 times in the match.