b.MP->MP Tornado Hook-> what?

b.MP->MP Tornado Hook-> ??

If I don’t have an Electric Snake ready to go what can I end this (or similar combos) with? If I don’t do anything I’m wide open.

Is it possible to end with electricity (denpa)? If so I can’t get it to work yet.

Or do I need to just avoid this combo until I have a super? (if so, any suggestions for a replacement?)

Thanks for any help, I just started learning Necro.

ugh, SAI/III, or hope they are dumb enough to let you grab them. most of the time you will just get grabbed or tech their grab.

I sometimes option parry grab or dash back if I dont buile up the meter to bust out SAIII.

not advisable at all UNLESS you have gauge to cancel into an SA.

please read the other post and study the combos there, it is all you need to know.

firste most of the time b.mp> mp tornado hook is not a good choice because when you are a small step so far not combo all time … use b.mk> mp tornado hook this is better …the only real use of b.mp> mp tornado hook is the start up of m.p is really fast and can beat some throw moves…
now if you not have meter you have in frame disadvantage the most of time …if he block this move you are in -3 and he can reversal some supers or srk on you (some chars can’t do so much) now if you hit him stand up you are in frame disadvantage again -2 frames but the most of the time people try throw or only block when you hit him whit this you can do:

walk and throw: the main
b.fierce: of course this beat every throw he do because necro move back ward a small step and he throw are out of range
b.dash: is good because now you are safe from some moves
j.drill kick: is safe the most of the time
other: maybe when you see he is out of range you can try shit like c.lk> lp denpa electricity or b.lk>mp because he need walk before try throw you and this make him open low…etc

now if you hit him crouch you are in +0 frame you can do same set ups i post but for example b.lk>s.mp now is more safe

you can do finish with denpa after a sa3 in the corner but is char especific …see the main combo thread

Thanks guys, I just started playing Necro yesterday. He’s really difficult to adjust to. I have a decent Oro, but moving to a character like Necro is tough since he’s so much less mobile overall.

I’m going through your thread coreo, it’s just a lot to digest for a beginner.

So without a super, after a ground parry is crouching LK-> jab tornado hook my best decent option?

when you parry have long recovery move you can do hp torando hook combo (see my thread) this happen for example when you parry moves like urien c.hk, urien s.mk or dudley c.hk
the other shit you do is any lp or lk >lp tornado hook
when you parry a very far move you can try c.hk or bd.fierce
…b.mk> mp tornado hook is fine with out meter but remember can be punish if he block
necro is not so mobile but some moves are fast …like drill kicks and he back dash are really good

now about mi thread …sorry i update every time i can
i don’t know how make this more readable

Watching vids can still help you a bit to see useful combos and which pokes to use against certain characters at certain ranges, or how to avoid pokes from others.

I think Necro’s a LOT easier to use than Oro, but I guess Oro is overall a higher-rated character. I think if you master his unblockables, he can be tough to fight. Thanatos from Japan has a GREAT Oro and mostly uses SAIII. He throws them in the corner and chips at them and pretty much gets free damage like it’s Genei-Jin O_O