B-Pin Productions: The Lackluster 1st Request Thread

Avatars, banners, stick art, fanart… fanfics?

One request at a time. You already know me.

Hey Bowling Pin, can I please get in line for an avatar? It’s for a friend who is one of the top UK players at the moment. I just want an animated White Ken (yeah very original I know) doing Strong Fierce, Fireball, Shippu across the screen, with “Sean” written in one corner of the screen. When Ken starts doing the shippu, you only need the first few frames, after he starts going up, you can have him go off the screen. If it’s too much, don’t worry, I’ll ask someone else.


Of Curly.

Kicking ass somehow.

In her underwear.

Can I request that you enter an avatar in my next ABC?

The theme hasn’t been chosen yet, so I dunno what to request, but dammit, you should enter.


I don’t like that. :sad:

Ok that’s no problem. I know you Avatar guys prefer making far more creative stuff, so I’m cool with your decision.


Uhh this might be a longshot request…but could I please request for an av? :wonder:

As for the pic to be used here it is: http://img386.imageshack.us/my.php?image=gsdphase392311kb0gx.jpg

As for the style,design,font etc I leave it all up to you :tup:

Thanks in advance :wink:


Can I get an avatar of…dis but have the frame where the ball’s in his hands? And can you make the ball gold?
Can this be the background?:
http://www.heavycontact.com/art/Structural%20Integrity/tag-graffiti-robion%20big.jpg (resized of course)

ImageReady’s not on this comp right now, so nope. ;_;

bleh the above looks shitty.

with less gay

For no reason at all, here is Kenshiro.


Thanks a lot BP :tup:

BALEETED! :slight_smile:

OOOO Kenshiro. :lol:
Oh well man, it’s cool.

I’m still gonna make you an av.

Woot! If its gonna be finished within the next 3 weeks or so, can you make it premie sized? :slight_smile: