B+W akuma

anyone want to color it?
c+c please.

will anyone respond to this?

i would really like to hear what you guys think…good? bad? ok?

what can i do better?


ok, first the drawing, be it not bad it has its flaws. I would fix his fingers on his left hand, there a little too long. That’s a nice pose for akuma to be in, it’s something you dont see him doing regularly. As for the colored version, I really like the colors. You got some nice usage of tones. Watercolor im guessing? Not too many people can produce decent watercolor images, me being one of them. Check up on your anatomy, if its your style to draw this way thats fine, we all need individuality, but having proper anatomy will pull traditional and originality together.


You did really good it needs to be cleaned up alittle. You should use photoshop to color. I’ll color it ofr you if you want me to?

thanks. i would love to see it colored by someone.

i fool around w/ ps, but i’m not really good at all…i enjoy watercolor. i dunno.

the pose looks good, but his shoulder should be extended more. I kno you drew it forshortened, but the way it is now, his shoulder looks too small. and the other big thig is his head isn’t tilted right, it should tilt into the left bg, and be a big higher. It looks like his head is coming out of his chest there.

I agree with everyone. Know the rules then break em I say.

Maybe adding a bit more weight to some to the lines will pull it away from looking too sketchy.

But I like the watercolor look. You got some talent there. Very nice! keep it up!