B&W Sharon, Maki&Chang -Vega-X to color(?)


Here’s two I colored not-so-great. If Vega-X or anyone else w/photoshop, etc. wants to take a shot a coloring, go for it.

There’s a Sakura/Pullum one. And Athena/Earthquake I need to post too.


The other one.


Very very cool, dude! So when are you going to put up the Sakaura/Pullum on? Also are you planning on coloring any of your pictures?


The Sakura/Pullum one is up in Fan Art. I need to get a good paint program, unless someone else wants to try.

Or I’ll just take a shot with pencils, pens, etc.


Just in case you weren’t roaming the board, I finished one of yours here: http://www.shoryuken.com/forums/thread56404.php