[B]We Need a Smash Bros. Melee Thread![/B]

We Need a Smash Bros. Melee Thread!!!

I just thought we could use a Melee thread. I am really big into this game and i know others who are too. Just start of by posting your god characters and some strats for them. :cool:

lets try to get everyone we know to enter the smash tourney on the 27th(chester,jon,westley,etc)

Yeah we should so i can win w/ pure FALCO POWER!!!

Chester said he would already enter.:smiley:


'Nuff said


Peach is good, but i think her peach bomber is way to overpowered for a weak character…Falco is just nice and balanced in strength…but boast in speed!!!


Green Power!!!

does anyone know how to the falco move where he summons the planes to attack everyone?

I hope u didnt see the tourney at thegamersedge.org because that tourney it shows is on june 27th noy july 27th.

well whatever. Everyone who wants to post you can start it off w/ you fav. character and why.

O.A.N: Does anyone know how to do falco’s move where he summons the star fox ships and they attack everyone.

On the Great Fox level, you just rapidly press left and right on the D-Pad. If you don’t fuck it up, you’ll either get advice from the SF cast or you’ll get an air-strike. You can only do it once per match, though.

SSBM is a great game. Its too bad they didn’t design it for true competitive play (read: the game is so broken).

thnx man.

What character is your favorite and why?

Man that was a intense day of melee today. I still can’t believe i got ambushed and triple teamed like that. O well that is a strategy. I still pulled of a few wins even though the odds were against me. That is just the power of Falco, Bowser, and Pikachu (AKA team Discovery Channel).

Bowser is not a popular character but the guys who felt is wrath today now know he is good if you know how to use him. His Bowser Bomb is GOD. It goes through everythink!!!. And once you hit his Forward smash attack it is over. You can be at 20% and it will still kill you. It is hard to hit it though. I only do it when i respawn and invincible. His whirling fortress has massive priority. It can go and stop anything. Plus it does massive damage.

Pikachu is all speed. He does low damage, but i do good by abusing his speed and thunderbolt.

Yah I got destroyed, I thought I’d do a little better but oh well it was fun and thats what matters (sarcasm). I’m gonna buy a Gamecube either this or next check, so I’ll play nonstop! It’s all about Falco and Fox, fast, strong, and good jumps.

For me it’s all about Link and Samus. Link has great range & speed. Quit balanced, his sword spin is excellent. Samus cause of charge her blasts and her ball atack does so many hits your like “when’s it gonna stop?!”

Yeah lets not forget that link (plus all sword guys) has god-like reach. The person that i know how mastered him abuses the up smash attack like mad!!!

Samus is well balanced. Her speed and damgage is average…but she cannot take damage.

anyone gotta good tier list:D

MY tier list:


Top Underted Characters:


My character is luigi and if you ever give him a try u should take advantage of his speed and jumping ability.

You may have also noticed that luigi has almost no traction so he slides ALOT!! you can take advantage of this by standing right next to a ledge then doing a small hop and air dodging which will cause luigi to float backwards over the ledge but since he is so lanky he will be able to grab the ledge but if anyone happens to follow you they will not be able to grab on and they will die (this doesent work against falco, fox, bowser, DK, or mewto) this technique could get you a quick K.O.

Luigis best smash attack in my oppinion is his up smash attack( head butt) its quick and takes off alot of damage.

bad things about luigi are if he gets hit he tends to fly farther then others so if you are about to get hit and you cant block or roll, duck down and for some reason he doesent fly as far( I dont know if this works for other characters)

Luigi also is not good at trying to get back on a stage if he gets knocked off becouse his recover move (the flying headbutt) could cause u to kill yourself if you miss the opponet so if you have to use it becouse your too far away to use the shoryuken make sure you do not hold the flying headbutt too long or yoyu will burst into flames and fly off the other side of the stag, but this move is good if the opponet is against a wall.

the last thing i can think of to say is dash grapple after his running punches to take off alot of health.

thats about all i can think of tonight if i find out anything else ill keep u posted bye.

Like i said Luigi is one of the most underated characters in the game.

My character is Marth only because my brother has already taken up Roy. I know there is much dispute as to which is better but it’s all a matter of preference. Marth is generally faster than Roy, but Roy does a lot more damage than Marth.

Marth = Speed
Roy = Power

That’s why I like using Marth, he’s a fast swordsman and has long reach (as plaer_dos said, sword people have god-like reach.)

Marth general strategy is the edge, that is, edge guarding. Since the tip of his blade does the most damage, it will help in edge guarding because of the range he has.

I’ve yet to master Marth though since my first “good character” was Mr. Game and Watch.