B.Y.O.C. Suggestions Thread

Nothing new but since I’m going to Evo along with Samson we want to have the best esperience on EVO that we can and we want to participate at the Bring Your own Consel tourneys and we would like any suggestions for make it better even dough we are not the creaters but we will like to make it better. So this is what we have in mind taking our PS2 and DC with most of the popular fighting games and if you would like us to take any game we will find it and take it. Here is a the lost of the games we will take
"For PS2
-Guilty Gear xx
-Marvel vs Capcom 2
-Capcom vs SNK 2
-Street Fighter annyversary Collection
-Capcom Fighting Evo
-KIng of Fighter 00-03
-Soul Calibur 2
-Tekken, tag, 3, 4, 5
-Dragon Ball Budokai 2 and 3
-Virtual Fighter 4
-DOA 2 Hardcore
For PS1
-Street Fighter Alpha 3
-X-men vs Street Fighter
-Mortal Kombat Trilogy (Maybe)
For Dreamcast
-Marvel vs Capcom 1 (2probably we will need help finding it)
-Capcom vs SNK
-Street Fighter Alpha 3
-DOA 2
-Soul Calibur
-Ridge Racer
-T.H.U.G. 2
-Hot Shot Golf : Open Tee
-Code Arms
Other than that we will take any request, what ever you guys whant, to make the best of EVO possible. :tup:

For SNES, I can bring the DBZ fighting game, Super Butoden 2.

that will be kool

-Marvel vs Capcom 1 (2probably we will need help finding it)

If you can’t find it, I can bring my copy… I know right where it is…

And if I can find an ISO for Garou, I can bring that as well.

Someone should bring a high powered labtop for a3, xmvssf, and other old school CPS2 games that peeps like to play cuz Vegas gots no and I mean no good cabinets, or even JUST cabinets for that matter.

Or a modded xbox

I will appriciate your help the only thing i do not want is a bootleger version i do not support piracy

I’ll see that bet and raise it one 120 gig External HD

I’d like to buy it, but I don’t think they released it in America… but I’ll do some looking around.

yeah, mvc2 came out in america i use to have it a long time ago but i wasent itno it much so i sild it

I have the American versions of MvC1 and 2, I meant I’d like to buy Garou, but there’s only the Japanese version.

I found a Jap version on ebay… if the bids stay low, I’ll buy that and get a boot disc and bring them for BYOC.

Garou came out for the US DC, except it was renamed Fatal Fury MOTW, but you’re better off with the JP version.

SFEX2+ pls (though I prefer EX3, most people who will be at Evo probably like EX2+ better so there)

u got it, ill get both. ill post again when i get both :tup:

Anybody wants me to buy ddr?

today i got Blody roar 3, i will bring it who else will? :wow:

DDR and Last Blade 2 :tup:

the newest DDR and ill try out last blade, i heard of it never play it dough

Several games should be out by then on PS2 from JP.

I should have for modded PS2
KOF Neowave
KOF 98 (I believe it will be out before then)
Twinkle Star Sprites
Darkstalkers Collection

and a bunch of other shit.

that sounds sweet but the american ps2 gets asian ps2 games?