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Why do NONE of the custom builder links work? :(

I’m normally not a fan of sticks featuring Chun-Li, but I really like the one you made. Dhalsim looks great too.

I’d love to see what you do with Guy.

@K: Chun stick is on his website.


I don’t see a Chun stick :stuck_out_tongue: I was hoping that chun-li- sakura mini stick was here :P! Great stuff b15, goodluck w/ the sales

edit: ah, rgr ~



New Blank Cases

Below are some of the blank cases I have sitting in my office. I was experimenting with a new brand paint finish and there are some minor imperfections that are hardly noticeable. Finishes of cases vary in matt, satin and high gloss.

All of these are available in 6 or 8 button Vewlix layout only. £65 each with free shipping to US, Canada and most of Europe.


MEGA-MAN: This was an order that was cancelled very early on in the build which I was working on which I decided to flip and make it a black on black theme. Case is finished in matt black and is shaped like Mega Man’s helmet. The artwork is like the original Hori VLX but with black background and mirror design. Sanwa JLF stick and Sanwa OBSC buttons. Start and select only with Neutrik USB fitted to the left “ear hole”. NOW FITTED WITH NEUTRIK RJ45! All hooked upto a PS360+. As the case has been sitting in the workshop it has experienced all sorts of crazy weather/climate changes and the paint on some of the joints are ever so slightly showing. However, there is absolutely nothing wrong with it structurally and if it does bother you can always repaint it. Inside is illuminated with blue LEDS which I forgot to snap up.

Dimensions: 580mm x 320mm x 65mm (without feet)

£200 shipped to US, Canada and most of Europe. Other areas please enquire. Also open to very near offers.



This was built along side the mk1 version as a fall back build incase something went drastically wrong as it needed to be built in time for Evo. Only recently have I had time to finish it off.

Im sure most of you are familiar with the build so here is a chance to own it. There are some variations in design when comparing to the mk1 version.

Sanwa JLF stick and Seimitsu buttons all round. start and select on the sides which when pressed together give “home/guide”. PS360+ and toodles LED controller board.

The base/stand will require a LED tape kit as this is not included. You can buy a small kit for £5-£10 on Ebay and its extremely easy to install as the inside of the base/stand is hollow.

The T-800 Custom arcade stick can be removed from the illuminated stand so you can carry it around with you easily.

The display stand is constructed of a mixture of thick plexiglass and a host of other materials to create that post apocalyptic look of crushed and buried skulls. Again, all has been hand built for that true bespoke look. This display stand can also illuminate by installing a simple LED tape kit which can be purchased on Ebay for as little as £5 and can be installed by anyone. It is simply applied to the inside of the stand from the underside which is very simple and only takes a few minutes. The reason I have not done this is because each country has their own power supply and plug type so its best the customer installs this themselves.


Arcade Stick: 410mm x 320mm x 75mm

Stand: 600mm x 400mm x 50mm

Any questions let me know

£280 + £50 shipping to US & Canada due to size/weight. £25 to most of UK & most of Europe.


Slide show

Check Out My New Arcade Stick! (No Image Quoting)

Haha, thats great to hear, I love the smaller designs, as they are more portable and do not compromise on gameplay ~ look forward to seeing it!


Really want that shoto stick, but I ain’t got the cash, and I know shipping would be absolutely killer.


whats the average shipping price? or is shipping included here?


Shipping is extra. To ship a custom to the US costs me 42 and that is the cheapest I can have it sent for. I must say it is quite ridiculous, but there is no other option for a package of this size and weight. Im not sure if you can arrange a collection from the UK and have it delivered to you in the US. It might be cheaper if you arrange it from your end, im not sure.

Before I assumed that sending an item like this standard post (7-10 working days) would be half the price but turns out its the same for Express 3 day service.

By the way, I am taking VERY near offers aswell. So send me an offer and I will consider it. Yes shipping is extra.

Its a shame really because the exchange rate not only kills it for you, but it does for me aswell.


Man, I’d love to buy that Bison stick but 242 is $400+ American! (If I did the conversion right)



Yes, its something like that. I would love to build it for what other builders in the US are making them for, but it would prove pointless as there would be nothing left in it for me. As a matter of fact I would owe you money at the end of it. lol


This is a good site for your customers to use for exchange rates. Perhaps you can put it in your OP.

I would LOVE to buy a custom from you but my pockets are extremely dry right now.


Google also has a lot of hidden features to do conversions.

Example: “150 EUR in USD


Well this guys customs are amazing. If you got the money, def invest in one. :] good luck man.


your work are super ultra. love to have one. but recently got a Amboyna stick. or else get shoto stick for sure. good luck on your sell. i’m sure they gone fast.


Awesome! You opened up a shop :smiley:

This guy is definitely my favorite stick maker ever. Sick paint jobs, and also imo, the best. Also very communicative :smiley:

Buy from him!


Damn those are beautiful, wish i had the money to grab the 'rog stick.


Shipping rates reduced on these current sticks.

Shipping now only 20 worldwide fedex 3day service!


God those sticks are beautiful. I just wanted to make sure, an empty case would cost 150? Just the case, with no buttons, etc.


That Yun stick is super clean. All these sticks are awesome, the shipping kills it for US buyers, but I can definitely see these being a hit with people in Europe.


haha Danger, B15 has had more North American customers than Europeans I think.