b15sdm designs



everyone should know who he is by now, just letting everyone know that right now he’s building me my dual modded custom adon stick!!!
Cant wait to see the outcome!

so hyped, will be putting pictures etc up when he’s finished my custom

B15SDM Designs- Custom Arcade Fight Stick and Arcade Machine Cabinet Builder London UK


ah cool


just been shown my artwork for the stick, Its fucking sick! cant wait to see how it ends up all together


sticks sounding epic!!! cant wait till he finishes it! am tempted to post the art work up haha


Very nice designs!


my designs are epic man! youll see soon enough pimped out in everything JAGGAH!


To jealous of you Breslin.


my sticks almost complete!


That guy makes some of the best looking sticks. I’d love to get one from him, but the exchange rate and shipping costs from the UK were too rich for my blood.

Maybe one day.


Holy shit ma stick is done!



awesome stick

i’d like to know where the Adon art on the back of it came from. deviantart?


Wow, that is delicious. How much did it cost?


damn sickness!! what are those 3 buttons in the front? (im sure im having a brain fart but w/e lol )


330 GBP
well worth the money


they are the start select/back home/guide buttons


im sorry i dont know were it came from


came in the post today and mannn, it looks and feels so sick! the feel and finish is fantasic!


Post pics… do it mannn


Well when I played UFS, his character card had that artwork, and I believe it originated from there or an Udon copy/paste (Who was still doing some work with them at the time).

Most cards have the artist and company at the bottom, if you want I can dig through my cards and find it, to give you an exact name and stuff.

Cool stick nonetheless.


look up a few posts