B3 video torrent

I just made a torrent of the b3 vid. u guys that use bittorrent and need the vid get it so it wont be so hard to find for everybody, u could jus go to torrentportal or something.


EDIT: just went thru zachd.com, saw it wuz there. nevermind, unless people wanna start a torrent of it or something.

what are the games? who is featured in this vid?

I’m gonna guess ST.


Oh. (four characters)

No seeders

Oh shit… Does this have Sirlin’s 14 consecutive low strongs with Rose?

Which part is it in? (On the youtube listing)

EDIT: Sorry, my mistake, he did that in ECC4

Alpha 2.

Featured/notable players: Valle, Choi, Jeff Schaefer (LAAkuma), Jason Nelson, Sirlin (Bison), Julien Beasley (Sodom), Jason Cole. I’m pretty sure the Wolfe brothers are in it too. The craziest match imo is Schaefer vs Beasley, besides of course, the Finals.

It was the premier of the low roundhouse CCs. It’s a great show of oldschool players and the kind of skills they had.

Thank you so much for posting this, I lost it when my HDD crashed.

BTW: What happened, if anybody knows, to Marwan, Firas and Bashar? Did they actually get a SF scene going in Kuwait? I read in my A2 guide that Firas came 4th in the ST tournament they had after the A2 tournament… I’d like to know for real what is going on with the old players, and if they still play. (I’d also like to know what happened to the other A2 guide writers who aren’t really around anymore)

It seemed like such a great time to play SF.

There really needs to be a Street Fighter History text book that gets released.