B4 Videos....Any Interest?

I dug up my old B4 VHS tapes. I was gonna put these up for DL, but I wanted to check on a few things first.

  1. Are these already available somewhere for DL? Sorry if I missed the thread/link/post whatever, just thought I’d be generous if they weren’t.

  2. Am I allowed to put these up now under the SRK rules for hosting their matches? I think its ok since they don’t sell this tape anymore, but I don’t wanna step on any toes.

  3. Is there any interest in these matches to begin with?

ST = good stuff
3S = well…umm…"interesting"
A3 = mostly stuff seen before, but there is some good A-Nash and a few other forgotten choices.
MC2 = wow…I didn’t watch every match, but I sped through about an hour and this is what I noticed. Sentinel was not picked once, Storm was picked only once, Magneto was picked once and killed quickly, the most used are Blackheart, Cable, Doom, Cyclops, Spiral.

So with all this mind let me know if this is worth it. If enough people show interest, and if I’m allowed, I’ll get the tapes to Shinji for capturing and hosting. Your feedback is wanted.

it would be intresting to see how they played back then…


i gotta see those marvel matches:wgrin:



Would be dope to see the ST and A2 stuff. :tup:

I’d definitely like to see everything you have on tape.

Sorry, but A2 was not included on the tapes, results only. :sad:

Marvel please. :tup:

ST and 3S if possible please. I do not think it violates any of the rules and if it does, I’d expect a mod to let you know. Thanks for offering the DL’s! I know when it was back in the alt.games.sf2 days, the B4 tape was gold.

ST and marvel sound nice. Im very interested. Besides any footage should be available to the masses it can do nothing but help.

3s :slight_smile:

Bump…I’ll give this one more chance…I need more than 10 responses out of 345 to warrant a capture. :slight_smile:

I would like vids of A3, ST, and 3s please.

Id like to see these vids as well.

All! All! ALL!!!

you should ask the admins if you can upload these… especially the Cannons and MrWizard.

No problem, I’ll update in the thread as soon as I get a response.




yes, capture this shit.