B5 DVD Production vs EVO DVD Production

I own just about every major SF related DVD to come out (EVO2K2 - EVO2K4, ECC8, NEC3, TS4) and I recently got my hands on a copy of B5 I borrowed from a friend. I sat watching it yesterday afternoon and to be honest I got pissed off more than anything else.

See the reason I’m pissed is because B5, a DVD made back in 2001 may well have been the best DVD as it concerns production values that I have seen from the EVO series. The one that truly blew me away was the fantastic interview segment that had overlayed names of the players, giving those that aren’t familiar with the big names someone to put a face to the name they see on SRK on a regular basis. I mean seriously, where was all of this stuff in future discs? The audience grows and the production values drop?

It’s not to say it’s just the EVO discs, other folks (Light Circle Productions for one) must have seen this disc before making NEC3 and yet it doesn’t even compare to B5’s production. The only disc that made this one look obselete was the fantastic ECC8 DVD set with it’s player commentary, player picture overlays and smooth motion transition menus among other nice features.

The question I have for past SF DVD buyers, future SF DVD buyers, past and present SF DVD producers and hell anyone else, have we become so complacent with products and have that “I want it now” mentality that we’re willing to take products that have DOWNGRADED since inception?

I have a few Gigabytes of tournaments (some from B3/B4/B5) and I think its quite true, its not that Evo dvds are bad (they are good) but I can see from the B5 fights that they had a great work on the video edit of the B5 DVD (before each fight we can view a “hand made” part were theres a presentation part of each players who will fight against each other, with a nice made background, music, and many other stuff were we can see that there was someone working the video edit with some nice ideas)

That B5 DVD is much more “eye catching” and that is because the video edit is very nice made (smart stuff they made there)

I haven’t seen the B5 dvd personally but from my past experience dvd production is a tricky process that takes experiment and time. I thought I had all the angles figured out last year, ooops apparently not, website delays, compatibility issues, canadian shipping problems (my apologies to you again Nagata). With Texas Showdown 5 approaching in a month’s time I would like everyone to provide some feedback on what you would like to see on dvds that would make fighting game dvds better.

dvd production is not a tricky process. it takes very little time if you know what you are doing and even if you dont it’s not hard to do this kind of stuff.

I love my B5 DVD! That’s all I have to say. :smile:

After watching B5 and taking into the production of ECC8, I think every DVD from this point forward should have the following:

A proper trailer. If we’re going to make these things like a movie style disc, the fans/buyers should at least get an idea of what they’re getting themselves into. The name alone shouldn’t be the draw.

Either 1/2 a disc or an entire disc with interviews of top players and general random shit with people just yapping it up. The best part of the NEC3 DVD’s after the MvC2 Team Tournament Finals? JAMES PAIGE INTERVIEW!

A commentary section. ECC8 showed such a fantastic potential for SF DVD’s with player commentary of later matches and why players do what they do.

Crowd Noise > Direct Feed. Remember that.

Just because you want the tournament footage doesn’t mean you don’t want to see other matches too. If EVO2K4 told me one thing, it’s that you don’t shell out that kind of money to see the same 8 players make their way to the end (of which you already know the result anyway). How many times did anyone read about “Player A vs Player B was soooooo good. Too bad it wasn’t on the DVD.” Even if you want to make the discs tournament only, make a bonus disc with all of the random stuff that garnered a lot of attention. Personally, I know the GTASF players were dying to see Ratio1beatdown defeat Daigo in CvS2 but never got to see it.

When a master disc is completed, it should be tested on at least a few major players (Sony, Panasonic, Pioneer, etc…) to ensure compatability.

I think that’s it for now. For anyone that really wants to see how a good DVD can be done, track down either Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 2 (I know more than my fair share of players who say it’s the best SF DVD ever made) and my personal favourite (from a production perspective at least) ECC8 which had a great fusion of match vids, interviews, and fancy video editing to create a perfect viewing experience.

get b-izm to tell you how he did the direct feed + crowd noise and its all good :tup:

heh, I can’t remember if you’ve seen the SBO DVD’s from Japan…they’ll make you cry. It’s like your dream come true! well, except for the interviews…thought there were quick one liner interviews before the matches started…

Jay; do you have any of the SBO DVD’s? I’ve got a part of the DVD with the 3S Final Four but that’s all.

There’s a Special Edition 3S Disc that was floating around (I picked that up a while ago) and that’s essentially the kind of disc I’d love to see. Great overlays, a tutorial vid for new players, commentary on matches, general great production values.

As was mentioned before, it’s not extremely time consuming if you know what you’re doing and considering SF DVD’s seem to cost more than properly produced DVD’s for far less in the production value range, you’d figure the least the SF producers could do was plug some time into it.

I don’t get why these are always treated as mutually exclusive. Would it really be that hard to record the direct feed AND the crowd noise simultaneously, then lay the crowd noise over the feed?

Are the ECC8 and B5 DVD’s still available for purchase?

i’ve got the CvS2, 3s and ST SBO stuff iirc.

polarity: it’s not THAT hard, but usually when ppl do direct feed in the states, they record ONLY the direct feed, ie, the audio comes only from the cab. What they would need is a mic/camera and mix it into the direct feed. In fact, i think how SBO dvds are done is that they take the video from the direct feed, but the audio from the mic.

To their defense, if you don’t mix in the crowd voice when you record the feed, it’s a bitch and a half to sync the audio up with the vid. You’ll always be off by a little bit, which ruins the experience even more.

Direct feed + no crowd noise > non-direct feed + crowd noise.

Who the hell wants to hear people go EI EI EI EI EI during Yun’s super. Or some guy go OH MY GOD!!! at some easy ass 2 hit combo. People are oooing and aahing at the stupidest things. Really annoying.

I liked the interviews in b5 and b4 better than evo 2k4. B4 was very well done IMO except it was on VHS and not dvd. Excellent match selection… direct feed, interviews.

My favorite matches from each series:
b4: Duc do vs Eddie Lee MvC2. Eddie Lee vs Mike Watson SFA3
b5: Golden Nismor vs Combofiend MvC2. Justin Wong vs Duc do MvC2 finals and winner’s finals.
evo2k2: Jwong vs Tokido in 3rd strike
Evo2k3: jwong vs soo in team tournament mvc2. jwong vs mago in cvs2.
evo 2k4: Kuni vs anybody in ST. Justin vs Raoh in 3rd strike. Justin vs Daigo in 3rd strike.

i think the daigo vs justin in 3s would’ve 100x better if crowd noise was on the dvd.

I don’t like interviews at all. First of all, I am buying the stuff to see games bing played at their best. Second of all, there is no Carmen Electras or Michael Jordans playing SF, and I don’t care for what they have to say or their looks (this is for sure).

I think there should be an extra DVD for interview freaks, where players would talk for hours. This is pretty easy to setup on-line, may make up some money, and won’t waste the time of people paying to see games. There you have my 2 cents

B5 —> http://www.shoryuken.com/b5/dvd

Yeah, i have a friend that makes personalized DVDs for everything he downloads from the net or records from tv. He makes menus, adds optional subs, the whole thing. He doesnt sell them or anything. He makes them for himself.

You know about TOSF Summer’s End 2002?

Lots of luck getting your hands on that. IIRC it’s on SVCD but I live just outside of Toronto and I don’t even know where to buy it.

Its funny that you talk about that 2002 TOSF: a few weeks ago I got the preview trailler of that TOSF summer end 2002 (3rd strike) on IRC but I have only the trailler (they made TO in stead of KO on the very start of the vid with a screen from 3S… smart idea) :karate:
If you want I can send you this trailler because thats all I got from this 2002 summer end tournament.