BAAU: Bay Area Artists Unite

Waz up SRK? I know a few of you have been wondering, " What happened to that chick, that use to hang out with DR.B, who had some mad S-Groove skills???"

I do visit MGL every once and a while; but, I have been spending a lot of time in my professional career, studying muay thai, playing Halo 3 and Phantasy Star on XBox (cocoumi is the handle if ya wanna add me to your friends), and being an artist. When I have serious down time, I spend hours DRAWING!!!

If there are a few of you who love gaming, drawing, anime conventions, and appreciating art, I invite you to BAAU!!!

BAAU is a very active, member-oriented, non-profit club located in the San Francisco-San Jose metropolitan area. We hang out, draw,have contests, chat, visit museums, check out movies, play video games, throw barbeques, attend anime/manga and comic conventions, and create short comics in collaboration for our yearly anthology, BAAU Down. We are brought together by common goals, artistic influences, and artistic experiences. We are passionate and we strive for growth.

This past spring, BAAU has released BAAU Down 7. We have attended Fanime Con, in San Jose California, and Anime Expo in Los Angeles. There are a number of conventions and activities we plan on attending this fall. We currently are planning our 8th installment of BAAU Down. In addition to this yearly project, we are brainstorming and in the creative development of additional BAAU projects, such as BAAU Goes Down: the non-rated, grittier, bloodier, adult version of BAAU; and BAAU Illustrated: a book full of inspirational creations with step-by-step and how to art instruction. In the past, our member base was solely located in the San Francisco Bay Area, but we?ve attracted members from the central valley, southern California, other states, and even to our troops in the Middle East.

BAAU wants you for meets, conventions, and future projects!!! Joining BAAU is simple. We are easy-going and very welcoming. Skill level and style isn?t important. If you are passionate, have a passing interest, or have mere curiosity for art, you are invited. All that is required is just visiting our forum, or attending a meet. We realize that there are a lot of eyes watching us and what we do. We don’t mind at all, as long as you are polite. BAAU is a good place to learn, be creative, and share lots of new ideas, so feel free to participate!

Check out the forums!!

Good shit Cocoumi !!! Especially for doing something positive and for making an effort to bring more people together in the community.

 -D R B

P.S - Hit me up on myspace ya stranger…LOL…ok I should shut up…I need to keep in better touch too…but u know me. I’m sometimes on that “RAP STAR” shit

Dope. Artists need this, and it’s even better when we got more in common. I’m busier than a mofo, but I’ll check this out and maybe come to a meet.