Baby-Armor Demon in Countdown

wow, that thing was just…wow.

I couldn’t think of anything but SRK when I saw that thing.

if it had pushed MM down a flight of stairs, I would’ve completely lost it.

Post of photobucket scan of the recent Countdown issue has been deleted. For the bajillionth time don’t put up scans of recent comics up here. Read the rules. Thanks. Carry on…

wuts wrong wit scans? wut did he do a full issue scan or sumtin or just a page?

Just a page. It’s Legal / copyright stuff. I kind of have to inforce. My hands are kind of tied on this subject… What I can say about it without stepping on toes I posted up in the Rules on this forum. Please change the subject or PM me about it. :sweat:

the thing is no one ever gets sued by marvel for having an issue scan. Especially if it will help promote the comic. What about the millions of review sites that do select issue scans.

i just grabbed an issue of teen titans…theirs no rules in it about reproducing it in online form. just talks about who the copyright is owned by. nothing at all about reproducing it online. imma check a marvel issue as well in a sec.

edit: just checked marvel…they say you can scan for review purposes…but dc doesnt say anything at all about scanning. I thinking hyping up a comic can count as a review. I think this rule should be reviewed.

maybe some people just don’t want spoilers… i think it could be remedied by hiding it under the spoiler tag, but banning scans of recent issue stuff, though not illegal, makes sense…

could we maybe only allow scans and spoilers if they are put behind the spoiler tag?

Select issue scans are fine like what Newsarama does because those come from the companies themselves. Other sites, I don’t mod those so I have no say in those matters. Better safe than sorry and I’m not interested in opening a flood gate that will be much more difficult for me to close down the line.

I’m aware no one gets sued right now but you never know what will happen in the future. You can look at Youtube taking stuff down faster than you can blink or more at home when Arcadia started going after everybody for this kind of stuff.

I may be kind of biased on the matter. As an artist myself I am very pro people going to the comic shop, picking up a comic and buying it and supporting the art form, not someone giving you that page for free. I feel a forum towards comics should be dedicated to that. If a person needs to see artwork to support a book, there are pages solicited by the companies themselves, no one is paying us to do advertising for them and if they felt like it one day they could easily change their minds on this subject tomorrow with regards to the law.

Scans of recent issues… I honestly don’t get it. It is far less work for you to flex your fingers and describe what you are seeing. And you can walk into just about any comic book shop, pick up the book and look at it (unless it’s Wednesday 'cuz that’s new book day but it depends on where you go) so I just don’t get it really to be honest with you.

If you want to see the entire comic scanned, there’s places for that too. Which we can’t allow but these things are out there - look for it and you will find it REALLY EASY. So again, I just don’t get it…

And once again even without everything I just said on this subject and my personal bias aside, my hands are tied on this matter. Without stepping on toes once again that is all I can say about that. As usual I will look away as much as I can… but a comic that came out like yesterday or the week before come on now throw me a freakin’ bone here…

That’s the last thing I am going to say about this. PM me for anything else / inquiries or whatever. Thanks…

Eh being a mod I have to generate some hate I suppose over something… :sweat: