Baby Cakes; RPGing Eminem? Or Dwarf smasher?

Awesomely hilarious video.

Oh yeah, all you guys below me, I don’t know what’s going on with your posting. Stop trying to threadjack me.

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fuck religion + fuck war… so my vote doesn’t count.

Hell no. He’d be way to broken.

l.k > l.k > f.p > Judgment > God assist

but…has Family guy taught you nothing? Jesus kicks ass with a gun!

I think you’re being really racist towards hispanics, OC.

Look who’s being the racist now. I saw Jesus as a name that all ethnicities can use for their legal name. However you’re the one associating it with just hispanics. Has the presence of Jesus in the Military taught you anything? It’s equal opportunity rejection not just based upon race.


Dammit. Thought no one could see through my buck-passing.

But see, this doesn’t exist anymore.

P.S.: There’s already a Military Jesus, and I think we’ve ascertained that his penis is small.

I wasn’t offended at all… :rofl:

we should definitely not allow military jesus to post

as for allowing jesus in the military? we definitely should not allow religion in the military either. or politics. or anything. fuck religion.

Don’t you know that whatever bad things religion has done to this world, atheists dwarf them times a hundred, so go fuck yourself instead :wtf:

Jesus would be awesome in the military. He could be taught to use a gun and heal allies when need be. As long as he leaves religion out when hes on duty it should be fine.

That’s a rather unholy thing for the Holy Ghost to say.

This is awkward…how do I say this politely?

You don’t belong in this thread.

Stop posting please.


He’s more of a Holy Ghost Recon. Similar in composition but different in nature. Still something to be debated throughly.


This man speaks the truth. Jesus and Moses used guns to conquer the Romans, if you’ll remember. Put Jesus in Iraq and nobody survives…



Man I…raises hand

Nah, I ain’t even touchin this one. Carry on.

Real smart of you to discriminate on others. Is that even a rule? :lol:

Can we just stone this one to death?