Baby Steps to Guile


Im a newbie at SF4 and after playing a few months of Yun (he was my favourite character at the time), I was recommended to start learning the game first through a guys like Ryu and Guile. I like Guile more and decided to start playing him. Other than learning his normals and their usage, what are steps/milestones should I learn to start? (Im also new to charge characters so any advice on them is helpful too)


Learn how to play guile zoning game properly. Guile can win just by zoning pple to death


Since that isn’t specific enough, I’ll share with you the advice I’ve been given by a Guile player who shreds me constantly:

  1. Learn your anti-airs. If I remember correctly, other than Flash Kick (which is insanely unsafe, so don’t just throw it out all the time) you can use c.HP, s.MP, s.MK, s.HP, and Backfist (F.HP - used when they’re really far away, and jumping. You can also catch neutral jumps with it, if they decide to use that to dodge your booms)

  2. Don’t give up your space. It’s hard to get in on Guile without losing your health.

  3. Don’t autopilot your booms. Always know why you’re using it.

  4. You can walk behind LP Boom to pressure them when they try to react to it somehow.

That’s what I was told I should work on with my Guile. Hopefully it helps.


Sprinkle in a lot of practice/patience. Ultimately its all about feel. Once you get a lot of practice zoning and pressuring with him it’ll start to make a lot of sense on it’s own.


Keep it simple to start. No jumping forward. Throw booms and anti air jumps with crouching Hp. Follow your booms and continue pressure with a cmk, standing Hp or shk. Space people out with your cmk as well. Really boom cmk and chp can help you develop a lot in terms of fundamentals.


Even though this isn’t something that is talked about much, stand your ground and don’t give up space. You’re fucking Guile, you control the horizontal space and you control the fireball war. Don’t block fireballs otherwise you’re showing that you’re losing the fireball war (don’t take this too literally, you need to block time to time; but the opponent should be blocking a lot more than you). Walk the opponent into the corner and keep them pinned there, then cr.HP there every attempt to get out. Learning how to control not only the pace of the match but where the fight is held, is a skill in itself and will benefit you as a player for as long as you play fighting games. Footsies 201 :slight_smile:


Definitely learning the zoning game is super important. Varying the speed of the Booms you throw (I like using the jab ones a lot but throwing a variety helps keep your opponent on their toes) to keep them guessing.

Another thing I’d learn is rushing down with Guile when you think you can get away with it. Most players expect Guile to just zone but I find when I play him more aggressively I catch people off guard and can get wins that way. He has some of the best and most varied normals in the game and is surprisingly well suited to more aggressive play against some characters. I like using a jab Boom followed by a f.MK for pressure.

And don’t be afraid to mix it up. Play one round zoning, one aggressive, one in between. Guile can do a lot more than zoning well, but fundamentally, he’s a zoner so work on that part first.


Thanks for all the advice guys! Time to learn the basic stuff again.