This is the baccarat and mini baccarat thread. I like mini baccarat with the dragon bonus version of the game.

Edit: If/when I go to EVO this year then I will be at the bacc tables most of the time


I believe this is better than Hold 'Em


I thought this was a fan page for Burt Bacharach.



Now it is…



I assume you mean Hold’Em bonus.


Has anyone tried this game yet at any casinos/cardrooms?


why did you bump a 11 month old thread…


Do they even play Baccarat in Vegas?  It’s a pretty European thing.<br>But it’s James Bond’s game of choice* so it’s pretty much automatically the classiest game there is.  Plus I recall the odds are good for a casino game.<br><br>*No matter what trendy poker-playing B.S. they have in the reboots.<br>


999 taught me how to play.
I’m ready for Vegas.


Yes. If you play versions like Dragon Bonus, baccarat can top poker!


Baccarat is the tables that all the old ass chinese ladies work at?  <br><br>Them heaux’s look like they were imported from mainland China, complete with authentic dust/sand from the Gobi desert in they pussies.<br>

Edit: I bet if u wait a hundred years the mystical sandstorm known as “dragon heaven gate” opens up the pathway to their golden palace.


Baccarat is still the best card game at casinos, unless you know how to play hold 'em poker


Maybe this year at EVO or at NWM


Why are you using the necronomicon on threads that were inactive for many months Jion_wansu?

This is the kind of shit I meant when I said you’re a bigger shit poster than me.


Dafuq, Baccarat or as its properly known by people who can afford to play it and triads alike, Banco is an ass game. its literally the card equivalent of throwing dice.

Brag, or 3 card poker if you will, is the king of card games.


Bruh…come over to tha crib to play ST


Especially the nostalgia thread. I refuse to post there since I’m a post-09’er, but The Chief’s right about that thread essentially being “remember that time I bumped this thread a year ago?”.