Back and forth to SF4... Impossible?


So yeah. I tried SF4 for a little bit earlier using Vega… and it was a massacre. I dodged out of a Rufus ultra, saw an opening, went for the poke to poke him out of it, and ate the special.

I’m so used to countering specials in Blazblue lol…

And then when I came back to Blazblue I totally lost all my pressure game using Rachel and had to play and lose five rounds to get it back.

Anyone else tried that? The difference between the two games is staggering :frowning:


Yes. It’s a very difficult transition, anyway. I grab with the wrong buttons when I switch, and try to burst in SF4 now. I’ve basically given up on SF4 for now, until I see if Sagat is actually easy to pick up. XD

Began learning VF5 this week, and the transition between that and BB is easy, but probably just from my lack of any kind of high level play in VF5 anyway.


The games are so completely different that I have absolutely no problem going back and forth. I could alternate games after each loss and have no problem. shrug Now, if I were playing guilty gear and blazblue, that would be different. I’d start trying to throw with the wrong buttons, bursting in BB like there’s no penalty for trying…

SF4 and 3rd strike - there’s two games I can’t go between. Both similar in that it’s not very smart to approach your opponent and you kind of just wobble around at high levels waiting for your opponent to approach or whiff something. I try to low parry in sf4 and all sorts of grossness.


I found it hard this morning, and now I’m finding it EVEN harder because my TE stick arrived, and I’m on day one of the learning curve… I’m trying to get 99% special pull offs, something the pad gives me no problem. Still, a stick will make me better… eventually.


I still can FFF, do combos, and do feint cancel shenanigans with Viper. Granted, it took be about 1 match to remember I can’t air dash and needed to hit lp +lk to grab. Once I got that BB mentality out of my mind (which didn’t take long), I was playing SFIV again.


Going from SFIV to BlazBlue is easier than going back. BlazBlue offers ‘more’ options, it’s only the grab that is difference. Going from BB to SFIV is tougher.


100% not impossible.