Back and Stacked

Sup everyone! If you guys remember me, you may be interested in my first commercial, published work!

I have finished my first work published work for sale! WOEooeoo! I may be something different than you would expect of me, but it is the world’s first international collaborative doujinshi. A lot of words? Fine, all you need to worry about is weither if it is going to be good or not. The answer is an emphatic, maybe. It all depends on how much you like catgirls. Since I know you do, you will buy it, or I will have to resort to… begging you to buy it! It has 3 American Artists, and 3 Japanese artists who have succeded in kicking our asses. Oh - you may have won this time Japan, but we will have OUR VENGEANCE.

More information here.

My entry was a 7 page action/comedy manga complete with: FULL COLOR IMAGES (OMFG?!), 2 ILLUSTRATIONS (CATGURLLL), AND CONCEPT ART (HOW DID I DOOD IT?!)!!!111

Thanks for commenting on my shit back in the day when I use to post here.

-Chad Walker

wtf? Nobody has nothing to say to Gammon? Congrats again Gam.

Cool, which artist are you? (I’m gonna guess Jason from the Guilty Gear art ;)) I got a picture off of Chad this past AWA convention.

Dood! Put up the one drawing you did of Cloud! That was hotness!

Hah, clicking around I see Chad’s deviant art name’s Gammon. Good game.

Good deal “chad”. Congrats man. You should post more.

well done gammon.
Hope this works out well and springboards you to where you want to be :slight_smile:

Thanks for expressing interest guys. I’ll try and post some exclusive pics soon on this site.