Back Dash Canceling in MvC3?

I don’t know if this is old news but if you ever heard of the term Back Dash Canceling, yes it’s the same Back Dash Canceling(BDC) or some might call it Korean Back Dash in Tekken is also applicable in Marvel vs. Capcom 3. It is great for spacing out with youe opponent in Tekken and even greater spacing in Marvel vs. Capcom 3. If anyone doesn’t play Tekken, here’s the input.

Input: b,b,N,d/b,N,b,N,d/b,N…

First input the first back dash with b,b then cancel it out with d/b then input the second one with just only b then cancel it with d/b and so on. Don’t know if the N state is important in Marvel vs. Capcom engine.

Hope this help. :slight_smile:

why are you helping people? all these people do is complain, and yeah it’s old to me but I havent seen anyone do it online :confused: it is early days though

Isn’t this just wavedashing backwards?

yes, yes it is…

Yes, yes it is. SMH.

I am using the backdash cancel alot lately with Akuma to get outside enemies range and then punish, if you do it fast enough it will look like hes hopping backwards really fast.

LOL. I’m ONLY helping those who aren’t complaining. :smiley:
BDC is very useful for characters with long back dash like Zero and fast ones like Dante. :slight_smile:

It’s much easier to input it as [:b::atk::atk:,:db:] x n.

Oh, this is great. I was only complaining to my friend the other day, because he kept punishing my dumb backdashing ass. I’m too used to SF4 backdashes, especially Rose’s. That shit was godlike.

I disagree with this. It’s much easier to BDC. Doing this is so confusing with wave dashing. :slight_smile:

It’s exactly the same thing as wave-dashing, only going backwards.

Surely it’s easier just to plink your away across the screen? Just hold back and plink a dash repeatedly.

It might feel easier to you, but as much as you try to defend your method, people here have been backwards wave dashing for over 10 years now. It’s honestly really nothing new.

Have you actually gotten this method down? This is the one where you press the Dash buttons repeatedly, right? I can’t do that one for shit.

some characters are a bit dodgy with wave dashes but it’s fairly simple if you practice.

I find it odd to wave dash backwards with the buttons so I tend to just directional input it

SFIV players should be used to the technique by now.

it’s L~M repeat (or whatever buttons you use to dash)

Maybe you’ll find it easier to drum your fingers from H to L very quickly.

After reading these posts I feel like a fighting game God.