back dash tips..


I’m a Rose player, and I know she’s supposed to have one of the best back dashes in the game. I came to SF4 from years of playing SF2 though which lacked dashing and I’m finding it really hard to get used to dashing.

Can someone give me some tips on when and where it is best to use the back dash? I’ve finally gotten used to forward-dash chasing fireballs (from full screen followed by a slide this is great) but I pretty much never back dash and I’m sure this is hurting my game bad.


after a wake up and ultra 2 are the most common


On a (potentially ambiguous) cross-up back-dashing gets me kicked in the face. Otherwise I usually block. I suppose if I back-dash rather than block then I’m less likely to be set up for a tick-throw or something so I’ll try it.


Having a good back dash is certainly helpful, but this should not be the most important thing to look at when your playing Street Fighter, IMO, even if it is Rose. This is just my opinion though. So plz don’t get offended. lol But yeah, I suggest back dash as a way to get out of pressure. The way that you can measure yourself on back dashing is asking yourself this, “When will my back dash get me punished? If I backdash now, will I get punished for it?”

You can back dash when it comes to standing up after being dropped to the floor. Back dash after a focus. After an ultra. After that sliding kick that Rose has (sorry don’t know exactly know her specific move inputs, just know she has a slide type move). I hope this helps. :slight_smile:


Taunt --> Backdash is one of the best tricks you can do.

Also, Forward Dash --> Duck --> Neutral --> Straight Jump --> Land --> Backdash.


If your opponent is standing next to you on wake up, it’s a pretty safe bet backdash will let you escape, just don’t do it too often. And never do it if you see someone jumping at you. If they jump late to try and catch your backdash then dash forward under them if you think you’ve got time


Question on dashing.

Is it required to go to neutral before the dash? [down, toward, toward] just is not cutting it.

I have to do [down, toward, toward, toward] for it to work. And that also phucks up my Balrog dash ultras if I’m down back.


back-dashing is a good strat unless you are playing against some one that knows how to “option select” or someone who has a character WITH good option selects.

Example. Ryu sweeps rose, safe jumps with (j.FP) (Option selects a fk hurricain kick) Rose back dashes to avoid the J.FP then Ryu’s hurricain comes out due to “option select” and punishes your back dash.

If you didn’t back dash, you would be forced to block his safe jump and wait to tech a throw or continue blocking the next block string. of get destroyed by the J.fp and most likely eat a good combo =P

If you don’t know about option selects, search the forum. I’m just letting you know, before you start trying to backdash everywhere lol… back dash against meaty attacks like ryus usually when I get a knockdown on someone with poor wakeup options I use for a meaty attack then follow up with a block string or tic throw setup to continue my pressure.


[media=youtube]aHHoGHcgK9k[/media] OS tutorial.


thanks for the vid


back and both punch buttons :tup:


dont do it too often and figure out if your character has a good one in the first place. Makoto, Chun, Rose are the only ones i can think of right now that have a good backdash. backdash against wakeup and wakeup ultras. You could try backdashing ON wakeup but its very situational. sometimes, the backdash might be too slow to escape from Zangief SPDs, so be cautious and use it wisely