Back from MIA----Catching UP


Long story short: I was sent away and had no access to anything. Cant say where I was, too personal. Lets just say I was on some sort of probation and couldn’t leave where I was staying. But I’m back home in San Diego with my ex-girlfriend.

A lot of shit happened to me and it affected you guys also. This was never meant to happen and I apologize. But there’s no use for apologizing or explaining now. I just want to take care of this and work things out with everything. I haven’t logged on for more than half and year and haven’t read anything from my old thread. I’m sure it’s nothing but bad things anyways, so I’m gonna leave that back in 09. It’s a new year for me as of now, I’m Vietnamese/Chinese and our new year just passed this weekend.

I know I pretty much screwed you guys over and those of you that wanted a stick probably got one somewhere else by now. So i figured most of you would want your money back, and to which I will oblige, but it’s gonna take a while because I am DEAD broke. You guys might have lost anywhere between $75 to $200 here, but I’ve lost almost $20gs (DUI and other shit) over the last six months and maxed out all my credit cards. So it would take a while for me to get back on my feet. But like I said before, I never wanted to rip anyone off. If I did, I wouldn’t be sitting here typing this up. So I’m gonna give you guys a couple of options since i haven’t spent a dime of the money you paid for these sticks. They all went to parts and materials for the mass production of blanks i had.

Those of you that order blanks :

  1. I can send you the blanks you ordered plus and extra one for free, I have about 80 MDF primered blanks sitting at my parents house.
  2. Upgrade to a stained wooden blank.
  3. Wait for a refund.

Those of you that ordered full sticks:

  1. Same thing, I can still send your original order plus a free MDF primered blank.
  2. Upgrade to a stained wooden case.
  3. Wait for refund.

I’m dead serious about this, I been back for two weeks now and made a couple of new sticks just to show you guys that I can still do it and I’m willing to work this out with everyone on their terms.


I hope you’re serious but you have a lot of gall to post a thread selling more sticks. Good luck to you with getting everything back on track if this is for real.


I’d like my original order.


I’ve waited over a year for my order this point.

If we’re going to continue this transaction, it is going to be done here in public. Not by email or PM.

Send me what I paid for or refund me. Now.


Man I can’t believe you are trying to sell sticks when you still owe people their fucking sticks.


as he stated he will give you 2 primed cases for those who ordered a case and ur full stick plus a free case or wait for refund

but i think a mod will prob remove the sticks he is selling


Are the blanks all the same button layout (eg, blast city), or should we re-post those details?


Let the guy work out everything with his customers before you jump on him. He’s already on the no-buy list so anyone who would try to order new would have to be a fool anyways.

If he doesn’t make good, then he’s done anyways.


I still have most of the details of the orders. The extra blanks i have are mostly astro city and viewlix layouts, both 6 and 8 buttons.

AND…it’s not a matter of me selling more sticks on here or not. Im just giving srk members first dibs, i could of just said “fuck you guys” and sell this on ebay without anyone knowing about it. So people that have nothing to do with this, keep your comments to yourself because you are of no help in the situation, i’d appreciate it. Im only trying to fix this, not trying to cause more trouble.


if i get the blank i paid for, i will be happy.

aaron, how do you want to do this? i’ve moved twice since i paid you.


Like I said, I’ll go with your terms. Whatever it takes to get the ball rolling. At this point, I dont know what else to do but to fix things based on a first come first serve basis on who willing to work this out with me. But before anything i need to get rid of those three sticks so i can get a computer. Im at the school library right now posting this.


well, when you are available to begin fulfilling your back orders…let us know. i’ll take the 2 blanks (i originally ordered mine to be painted black). 6 button layout with 3 24mm button holes on the back.


“But before anything i need to get rid of those three sticks so i can get a computer.” LoL! Are you serious? Mods, please do us all a favor and show him how we roll on SRK…


y dont u let the people who had an order decide. who are you to speak. if i wanted $$. ebay would of sufficed.


koost and spectrum, if both of your orders were blanks. i’ll get it shipped out by monday. I’ll ship your original orders plus a primered blank. Post your new addresses if you have moved. Heck, post them anyways, I have no idea who’s who at this point.

SPECTATORS: just stand by while i try to get this shit going. mods, you can ban me if you feel like you should, but it’s not gonna help the situation. just trying to set things right here.


Why don’t you give those sticks to some of the people you fucked over, I’m just sayin…


What’s it got anything to do with you? I dont remember you being a part of this. And what part of i need a computer do you not understand. I could make more sticks like those and send them to the people that had orders. But they have their own specs. Just stay out of this dude. I dont want any troubles or complications, just wanna get this done according to what the customers want.

There are just so many ways I can rip you guys off. I could of just made a new SN while i was gone and came back six months later and started selling new sticks under a new SRK screen name and paypal account and none of you would know that it was me. So why am i doing this? Why am i offering free blanks and upgrades? put that into thought for a second.


i sent you a PM with my info (didnt feel like posting my address for everyone to see).



Done deal. The first blank will go according to your specs. but the second one, most of my extra primered blanks have 2 24mm buttons because i really didnt see the use of a select button. but i’ll try to look for one that has 3.


If I dont have anyone interested in those sticks above by tomorrow night. It’ll go on ebay, simple as that. So get them while you can. To sweeten up the deal, i’ll even you send you a free MDF blank along with those sticks.