Back in the swing of things


Back in the swing of things…(av request thread)

Okay everyone, I’m up to doing a few more avs, as I’m currently bored as hell. Just in case nobody remembers the rules…

-Nothing insane, remember the 20 KB file size limit…

-I don’t do custom sprites and the like. Do us both a favor and don’t ask.

-I usually shy away from team avatars (MvC2 and the like) but if it’s not too crazy (heavy importance on the “not too crazy”), I’ll do it.

So…any takers?


Utada avatar useing this picture.:smiley:


the av king is back:D , hmm, can you make me a AV of magneto in a white/grey uniform, let the hole av be in a white grey desgin :slight_smile:

thx infinidragon


Blue Phoenix: Done.

JEDI KNIGHT: I’ll start today.


it looks tight. thanks:D


JEDI KNIGHT: Yours is done.


Bumping, so people can get a chance to see it.


Dude that Magnus av you did is sweet, you think i could getan av of K’ in his Sunglasses and so Kanji lettering on it, acually if you could just put the Japanese symbol for Fire on there and maybe suround it in flames that would be fine. thanks in advance.



Yo, Infini said he’d do the av for you. He can’t log in right now because the school computer is being inbred. :lol:


Well, I finally got my damn school computer to cooperate (stupid Mac) although Alpha already told you I’d do it. :stuck_out_tongue: Oh well. Expect it sometime later today.


thats is kool thanks



Archangel Ryu: Yours is done.


dude that is freakin awesome. your the man. thanks.

:smiley: :smiley:


Shortterm: Yours is finished.


OMG you are mad fucking nice yo word those are some really really relaly really really good magnus avs you made there.
Can you make me an av of a black and red magnus with electric powers coming from his hands and eyes and have it say Team Decepticons and DragonGod somewhere that woudl be hot totally


Can you resize this image to 160 x 100 and under 30 k? I’d very much appreciate it. Thanks.


DragonGod and Razor: I’ll work on your requests in a bit.

@ Razor: you just want me to resize the image, or make an SRK avatar out of it? If you just want a resize, that’ll be pretty easy. :slight_smile:


Resize the image. It’s for another forum but they don’t have an image mishmash board. I appreciate it. :slight_smile:




Razor: Here you go. Sorry it took so long (I was doing a lot of stuff the other day).

DragonGod: I’m on yours now.