Back story idea! Read me oh comic gods!

I started a thread about Street Fighter 4 in another section of the forums, and someone responded about making a SF game that would pre-date all of the other games. He/she mentioned an idea that always bothered me: What did Akuma look like before he went down the dark path? Surely he couldn’t have always had glowing red eyes and all of that. I think a cool backstory idea would be to illustrate Akuma’s transformation and show what he may have looked like before. Oh and show his bare back with the “ten” symbol burning on it! (Yes, I’m an Akuma fan-boy and make no apologies for it!!!)

I would love a backstory of Akuma/Gouki’s origin.

I think he probably got his hair down because it’s kinda long…or maybe it was up like the flashback in issue 2.

Good idea… You have my vote. :smiley:

P.S. Akuma=one of the best characters ever.

I also think this idea is awesome. Akuma is very mysterious though. Maybe his origin is better unknown…

Origins should come out eventually I think. Anyone who is a Wolverine fan here and has read the Origin comic series knows this to be true.

Hey, I’m up for an AKUMA: ORIGIN one-shot / mini-series!

If Udon makes it happen, I promise to pick up at least 2 copies of each issue (like I have already with every SF issue).


background story

sounds awsome to me ive always wonderd that stuff bout akuma:evil:

Better idea for a back-up story: Final Fight

If Udon wants to commit to it, they could do a year of Final Fight backstories. The first three could be about Cody, Guy & Haggar and then the next nine could be the game.

I don’t know about Final Fight… personally, I’d rather see just Street Fighter backstories. In fact, I know a lot of people have said just the opposite, but I’d like UDON to stick with SF2 as much as possible before moving onto SF3 characters. To tell you the truth, I might stop collecting Street Fighter if it strays too much from SF2.


Wolfkiller disagrees. The FF characters never really played a big role in any of the games as far as I can tell. Why waste time hyping up characters from a different game that were probably added in as easter eggs when they could be focusing on one of the main characters who has plenty of room for great storytelling?

I wrote a story about exactly what you guys are talking about…Gouki and Gouken’s origins.

>>>>Check It Out Now<<<<

People said they really liked. At least give it a shot.

Very cool story, fistsoffury!

I’m guessing your story takes place in the early 1940’s?


I started reading your fic, and I haven’t left my seat until I finished reading the whole thing.

I swear man, that shit could pass as canon! All we need is a good artist, condense the story to fit a few pages, and we have our Akuma and Gouken backstory! :smiley: Actually, it’d be best if the backstory spanned several parts across several issues, so that nothing is sacrificed. I think Udon should consider your fic for the backstory…hell, maybe they should just hire you and be done with it. :smiley:

A Bison backstory would be pretty sweet too…

I wouldn’t try to condense the story, I like the idea of it being longer, perhaps in parts. It would be cool if an Akuma (or Bison as King mentioned) short series (separate from the SF comic) was made. I was thinking maybe a four or six comic run. “Street Fighter: Akuma Origin,” or something like that.

What does everyone else think?


LOL:lol: I would like that. IT how Marvel Did wolverine’s Childhood origin, and his old age.

Ok ill tell you as much as i know Gouki was training with his brother(gouken) under goutestu gouki pleaded and beged for goutestu to aprrove him to use “the dark hadou” since he has the contaminated bloodline of the ancensters who would fight to kill just to prove themselves and for their own enjoyment which was shuned… So he finally killed goutestu and took his prayer beads(the ones he wears on him now is sestus) right before he kills him like a few days before he had relations with a young women(ryus mother) then he killed goutestu and vanished the mother gave birth to a baby boy then she died gouken droped the baby off saying (do not let this baby follow in the fathers footsteps) after gouken was killed by gouki ryu and ken trained and ryu found his dark hadou which can only be used from those with the bloodline(many people say they see ken use it which is pyscho powers he deveolps from bisons mind control power crap) so gouki now only fights people who he will test himself with and will fight to the death thats why when he fought gen(who was suffering from lekumia and didnt want to die the old guy way rather ina fight) and found him ill he left becuase he didnt want to break his code by fighting weak people. so from now on he fights people here and there and he does not care for ryu since when he succumed to the dark hadou… he lost his humanity… thx bye if i said akuma in any part i meant gouki(same people just diff names

You’re pulling in a lot of Alpha Generations material unfortunately. For those who wish to know Gouki’s true beginnings and much, much more, keep checking the SF storyline thread Warriors Fate.

"Read me oh comic gods!"
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