Back+Strong is the best thing that ever happened to you

I’m not sure how or why I’ve been overlooking this AMAZING attack, but lemme tell you this: It’s like Elbow Jesus. It makes Necro unstoppable in and of itself.

After long deliberation, I play Electric Snake Necro officially. And Elbow Jesus is a large part of that decision. Why, you ask?


Oh, but Ironhead, what could this mean? Simple, little buddy. Back+Strong hit confirms for like 20 seconds. You throw it out any time someone’s going to dash on you, or you’re unsure of a wakeup opportunity, or they’re too far to back+mk->combo, and you have all damn day to cancel into SA3. All day.

When you’re crowding them on wakeup, Elbow Jesus. When Makoto is threatening to dash in, Elbow Jesus. When those shoto-monkeys are playing kara-throw games… you know what to do.

N - That’s right, kids. ELBOW JESUS

Best unofficial move name since the Rolling Bonus.

Yes, back+strong is the savior of Necro players everywhere.

I want an Elbow Jesus T-Shirt

TB is my hero

Come pray at the temple of Elbow Jesus!!!

It’s really good anti-air too if you know how to use it. Hit confirm wise it’s really good as long as your not on the dreamcast (well it works it’s just not as good obviously).

I recently switched to SAIII as well, I just wasn’t getting the enough chances to land big damage with SAI.

Hey thongboy what do you think about using SA I against certain character? I really like it against akuma and seem to do better against akuma with it because he’s always flying around and throwing air fireballs (witch it eats) or demon flipping or something. I was wondering what was your take on this?

I think with Necro SAs are a very personal thing. My playstyle completely changes depending on if I’m using Slam Dance or ES, and I switch up depending on which characters I’m facing.

Me, I never use SA1, only because I feel that Electric Snake does the same job with greater efficiency. Which is not to say it’s a bad super, I just know that it doesn’t really work for the way I play. If I want a safe (no recovery) super I can throw out whenever, I pick SA2. Otherwise ElSnake is the same damage as MagStorm, but you get all that crazy stun, too. But if you’re having lockdown problems against someone like Akuma, I could definitely see the merits of switching.

Like I said, it’s all playstyle-dependent. If it’s me, I’d turtle up until I could either parry->throw or just dash out of range to set up some Elbow Jesus salvation. But that’s me sitting in my office talking Theory Fighter, if I was getting hit up right now I might just want that SA1 to save my ass.

N - Have I mentioned the greatness of Back+Fierce? It’s like Apostle Uppercut or something.

Cool thanks for the info.

You know the best thing about the back fierce if you know they are going to try and cross you up it’s total anti cross up. they jump overy you and his back fierce comes from behind and knocks them in the head and then you can combo down back fierce off of it! And on Q in the corner you can combo that shit off of a light tornado hook!

I noticed that Japanese Necros tend to like SA1 against the twins, which is probably because of its strength as anti-air.

It may also be better vs. at least some of the characters with long stun bars (Hugo/Alex/Dudley/Oro).


Back+fierce is unthrowable. I just walk up to people and toss it out. It looks scrubby as hell, but for some reason it works. A lot.


Holy shit unthrowable? HAHA I am gonna use it one my roommate who whores wake up throws now.

i could swear i saw back strong link into SA3 on one of the new a-cho vids.

i’m not quite believing back fierce yet. as anti-air, fierce denpa seems safer (allows same amount of time to execute), and there’s less chance of pulling a flying viper by accident. heresy?


The first post says Back strong links into SA3 not back fierce. YOu can juggle them on top of the ELEC snake from a back fierce but it doesn’t work on every character and doesn’t do that much stun. Fierce denpa has to much lag to it and does not come out at the same speed has the jab denpa.

Back+fierce is only good anti-air for when they’re high up and can’t hit you yet. I would never, ever advise using it like an SRK. Jab denpa is unsafe close-range as well, I’d say only use it at Max range so the recovery has him backing up out of range again.

Back+fierce is a good wakeup move, though, because it must be parried high and it can’t be normal-thrown. So if people are grab happy (or you’ve been properly training them to fear low-short combos) then it works like a charm. It’s also got pretty decent recovery, so you don’t have to worry too much unless they totally see it coming. I crowd people like hell when I knock them down anyway, it always looks like a throw opportunity


Yes, b+strong is a great move even though it’s slower than it used to be. It’s great to mash and build up super meter with.

B+strong = elbow jesus

DB+fierce = people’s elbow

on back fierce:
i meant fierce denpa actually; jab denpa is parry bait if anticipated while fierce denpa still needs to be parried 380423 times. i guess early in a match i’d anti-air with apostle uppercut into the people’s elbow for fast cornering, and switch later on to fierce denpa since it’s almost guaranteed to take off those last slivers of life.

i hadn’t thought about using it in throw mixups tho. free throw or free corner (b.FP into db.FP again) seem like good payoffs to me, so i’ll be trying that.