Back to basic : Oro VS shotos

what are the basics with oro ?

i’ve been losing alot with oro lately …
and i’ve been doing alot of careless stuff with him lately …

any tips fighting against ken and akuma ?

Far standing MP beats shotos’ crouching MP.
Far standing MK beats shotos’ crouching MK.
Vertical jumping HK is your friend.

Other than that, you should experiment for yourself. Learning a new character means taking a bunch of losses while learning what works and what doesn’t.

Or you could XCOPY Inoue.

yeah, i use standing mk a lot against shoto’s that move is too fuckin beastly against shotos. I shold be using mp though, and when I do, it hit’s quite a lot. When I play with Oro, I’ll pressure a lot with footsies by staying just out of their range or a little bit in and doing mk. They get pressured and eventually get to get in with stupid stuff which is where my Oro shines. Find your own style and way you’re comfortable with play though.

OH MAN! I’ve been playing Ken and Oro, and for some reason, my Oro does really well against Kens…standing strong is TOO good against Ken, and standing forward is really good too. Ken has to jump or parry to get in and the jumping part is in Oro’s benefit.

against shotos, the chicken combo is slightly harder to land. you must time the second and third mp as late as possible without missing.

learn to cross up with jumping/double jumping mk

meaty close standing mk xx command grab mixed up with crouching mk xx command grab. you can try to throw EX uppercut wif it’s blocked

Not recommended unless your opponent is predictable with wakeup parries and reversal Jab DPs… or you’re REALLY fast with hit-confirmed close Forward. If they simply block, you’re eating anything from a sweep to a low Forward XX super before you have a chance to recover.

hmmm …what with the crazy oro everyone talking about …what so good …

i heard about StreakSRM mention about oro’s dash-in and dash-out on wake-ups and spam on the opponent who do wake-up attacks

Everyone’s talking about Inoue’s recent matches hosted on a-cho. They’re not there anymore, but I can send them to you on IRC.

The if you do cls. Foward command grab you can be punished with Low foward super??? I didn’t know that.

Normally if they are wakeup happy I do low foward command grab basically the same thing but it’s a better meaty and it stuffs throws.

That’s right. A blocked command grab gives the opponent half a second (15 frames) to punish.

well , ok …

i just play oro today … quite decent … i punished people with wake up Dp with oro …

Yeah dude, it’s good but risky as fuck. It’s an option, but I’d rather block and not eat something fatty boom batty. At super high level play, people sometimes know when it’s comming.

damn , i found out …

oro needs to do plenty of footsies
dash in and dash outs like ninjas

jump jump jump and double jump …

plus poke

because of this , he build meter real fast

and he must play safe … because oro tend to turtle for opportunity to link up close-strong … cancel


anti-air disk cancel …

oro got fuck up anti-airs … if you are good at it

air-parry is useless …