Back to School and The Return of JS Master Results

Only have Marvel results for now, will post other games’ results as I get them.

1st- Jiggabry
1st- g3nn
(decided to call off finals due to broken sticks)
3rd- JS Master
4th- Ratio1BeatDown
5th- Gerjay
5th- Tigerlee
7th- Chun
7th- Deathfist

for 3rd strike all i kno is:

  1. king
  2. adam
  3. eric
    anyway gg’s to everyone.
    fuck you eric! i woulda mm’ed u no matter what nagata had said.
    gg’s tho

next time, keep the phuking brackets you scrubs

Since nobody wants to post results, I’ll post what I know. I’m guessing the brackets are lost because it’s been 2 wonderful days since the tourney.


1st. JS Master
2nd. Ratio1beatdown
3rd. Poke Guy

Oh and g3nn, your rule of 3rd place gets $0 if 10% of the pot is less than the entrance fee is gay.

Look at this fag, crying for petty change.
Shut up you phucking fag you want your $3? Go get a phucking job you pussy.

hows it goin wing
why didnt u come?

Who the phuck are you?

wow mad are we aha
im the guy that lost the money match to u in cvs2 :frowning:

Settle down Wing, Tylor has a point. The 3rd place guy should at least get his entry fee back. That is how I handled all of my tournaments and I think it’s fair to everyone involved who got that far.

I bet you wouldn’t have bothered to post the results if you didn’t come top 3.

Wait, let me correct that. I bet if you came 4th, you would have posted the top 4 instead of just the top 3.

a tournament this small should be winner take all. If 3rd place got his entry fee back, or even less than that, it’d be a bonus.

I’m not hating. I’m just saying it like it is.

Yes, call his tourney gay. Way to thank him for even running a tournament.

Umm…the tourney isn’t gay. That rule is. It’s not the prize money that’s the problem. Even if I came 1st, the money would have barely break even with the expenses of going there. I go there to get some competition (something that I can’t find in Sauga) My point is that the top 2 is always going to be Roger and JS unless one or both of them don’t come. Considering the decreasing popularity of CvS2, if you run by g3nn’s rule everytime, nobody besides those 2 will ever get anything. That will make CvS2 tourney even less popular.

Wing, I have a job and I’m damn sure I make more than you. I think you were high or drunk so I’ll let your comment slide. Not that I ever take offense from flames over the internet. I don’t doubt that you have a job. The only way you’d make more than me is if you’re selling drugs or whatever.

Only 9 people joined CvS2 according to Eric and the amount of money in the pot. And as for why I only posted top 3 of CvS2. It’s because I don’t know the rest of the rankings. Yes you would be right C Royd. If I came last I probably could have posted the whole thing. Because I play for the competition and always need to know who’s ahead of me.

Anyone who enters a 9-12 man tourny for money, is an idiot.

Nagata: no he doesn’t have a point. Hes mad cuz the only time hes ever placed top 3, he didn’t get the cash.
Bottom line is its G3nn’s tourny, his rules and if anyone doesn’t like it, well go make tournies in sauga/brampton.

Wait WAIT! how much money was 3rd place?

No, it’s unpopular because it’s a stupid game.

So then, if 3rd place gets their entry fee back, that’s motivation to play in the tourney? to break even? If your motivation to go to a tourney is to break even, then that’s the same thing as staying at home.

naw, Wing would talk to you like that in person too. You make more money? You win at LIFE! joking.

9 people should be winner take all.

Maybe they should do just that. That kind of mentality isn’t conducive to helping the scene at all. TOSF doesn’t even help it’s own scene as it concerns CvS2 or MvC2. Nine players joined CvS2 and under half of that would have been from Sauga (Tylor, Bryan, Gerjay, Matt). Eight players joined MvC2 despite Nathan’s continued efforts to get local players into it.

If TOSF isn’t going to help itself and then respected members (like yourself Stephen) can’t even appreciate west end players coming across town while your own players won’t make a five - ten minute drive (or even less in some cases) then the tourney scene will die out just like a lot of people predicted after T6.

On a related note, I agree with Marvin in that if you can’t even get someone their entry back, it should be winner take all.

And complaining about a few bucks helps the scene? I dunno about you but I stopped caring about the pot since the days of mvc2. The orbit locals, other than g3nn don’t play seriously enough to join tournies and I doubt anyone will be able to get them to join even a double seeded tourny. Also I don’t see how you can say tosf doesn’t even support the mvc2/cvs2 community, maybe not for cvs2 since we only have 3-4 ppl who play it seriously, but what the hell do you think g3nn is doing? Hes been promoting mvc2 for a loooong time. Im pretty sure you already know that tosf’s main game is 3s (and #r to a lesser extent…it always gets 9+ every tourny)

LOL I don’t remember getting props or thanks from west coast ppl for brining shitloads of tosf players to sauga tournies…other than the ppl I brought, thanks.
I appreciate ppl who take the time to come down here and support the tourny scene, theyre a great help and most of them are chill but what I don’t like is ppl bitching about stupid selfish things and then try to tell the organizers how shit is done. Yes ppl can add input on improving the tourny experience but not this way man.

P.S. me and Gord are running T7 - The greatest T tourny of all time… Also, I’d like to add…BOOM HEADSHOT

nice, make T7 on console!

if u dont think u can ever beat roger or JS, why go to tournys?, so u can try and beat the competition that isnt the best?

In that case why have a pot at all then? If we’re all reserved to the fact that a scant few people can win these tournaments in the first place, what is the point of a registration fee? Why not advocate all tournaments be free from this point forward.

Now take a look at that post. This is coming from the top MvC2 player in Ontario, argueably Canada. Would Bryan even bother to make his way across the city to enter a tournament that had no money involved? When you add the element of a pot, you leave the prospect of complaining about entry fees open for debate. Tylor felt he was deserving of 3rd place money and as miniscule or trivial as we may see it, he has every right to complain.

And I don’t remember being given props for putting together monthlies with 20 - 32 players in CvS2 based almost entirely off west end players (Brampton/Sauga/Hamilton). It doesn’t mean that I took their opinions with any less merit. Thanks…

Criticism is a staple of the scene. I endured it for years as you and Ryan and Nassim did. Tylor’s initial post isn’t inflammatory by any means. He wasn’t happy with the situation, voiced it and let it go. Then everyone jumped down his throat when the post was directed to Nathan who didn’t even bother to offer a response.

Considering the dichotomy of the players and the respectively played games (TOSF = 3S/Reload, GTASF = CvS2/MvC2) it may be in the best interest of the directors such as they are to hold respective tournaments on each end of the city depending on the games being played. The players that feel the need to play either of the games on each end of the city can make their way out and the rest can stay close by.

Thoughts anyone?

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