Back to the Future Invention Turned into Reality


Ladies and gents I give you POWA LACES :rock:


more info -Power Laces by Blake Bevin & Kickstarter


power laces, alright!


it is officially the future.


Where we’re going we don’t need laces.


Making the world lazier one step at a time.



truly, the greatest invention of the 21st century.


how much srk gonna give this tranny? well atleast this one has an actual product/service to offer.


five minutes after these get released in stores there will be some tabloid story of a kid who got his foot cut off by a dodgy pair.


They’re going to become self-aware and then it’s game over.


id hit it


They will control the horizontal and the vertical.


F*ck, I was hoping for some hoverboards…


i was kinda hoping for a time travelling DeLorean


How do you get them off?? :confused:


Using garbage to fuel your car would be kinda cool, but they’d probably find a way to charge us for that too…


Does that mean that once Skynet comes to power, the terminators will have better kicks than us? Because I can accept the computer overlord trying to kill me; but the computer overload with t-1000 kicks on looking fly? ::confused::


You have to kill them. It’s the only way.



Nike patents plan for self-lacing shoes - Technology & science - Innovation -


so now we have to invent robot power gloves to combat our robot powered sneakers, then…



Deadpool isn’t funny.