Back to Viper, need

Back to viper after taking a few months of trying to learn a new character, and I can’t, just love viper to much…im going to summerjam and I plan on using viper for it (main was ibuki) point of this thread was that I need more matchup experience, anyone who wants to play me I am always wanting to improve in all matchups.

biggest problems as of now is -

  • Can’t meterless FADC consistently
  • Seismo game is absolute trash (if i get put up against a zangief I’m screwed)
  • sometimes I don’t punish to the fullest
  • Try to force things to much if they block
  • Still don’t know if I’m supposed to be using MK bk or HK bk, watching latif his inputs always HK, but its worse on block (just wondering if hes using it because he just is 10x better or if thats what supposed to be used)

and also if any other vipers could play/watch and give me advice would be great…I will be streaming endless when I play on PC…i’ll give the link if some people are actually interested in it

I have PC and 360 - meenyKO (prefer PC because my TV has delay, my monitor doesn’t)

I guess I could help out a fellow Viper. My XBL tag is “tigasan”, but I think watching your stream is better since I could give you feedback faster. I’ll watch a couple of games and tell you what I think about it. If you decide to play against me I suggest I use one of my alternate characters since Viper mirrors can be random as hell (at least untill 1 gets knocked down).

I play Makoto (pretty decently), Chun (decent), Ibuki (havent played her in a while), Gouki (on scrub lvl) and Gen (just picked him up so he’s not that good, although I can do the majority of his combos).

As for the rest:
-Your execution can be practiced in training mode (back to the lab!).
-Punishing can be practiced in either endless battles or vs the cpu in vesrsus/arcade mode hardest (thats how I did it). The cpu can be annoying but he does al lot of unsafe moves so you can learn to punish to the fullest.
-If the opponent plays defencively you should play more of a high low mix-up game since Vipers overhead is the best in the game imo or just grab a little more so you can play a cr. tech game. It’ll make your opponent have to guess a little sooner, opening things up a bit.
-The type of burn kick depends on you own preference and a little bit on spacing. I use mK bK as a mix-up and hK bK to get over fireballs and such since it goes just a lil bit higher. Latif doesnt use bK as a mix-up that much so he uses hK bK more often since he uses them…randomly I guess. He tries to bait the opponent into doing crouch tech or a cr. mK so he can land a counter hit with seismo follow up (yes I downloaded his play). The way that pro’s play is not a guideline, their decisions are more like tips for me.

Hope I helped/ can help.

that alone is already alot of help, I appreciate it…I added you and ill edit first post to put stream link in

2 more things, at what times will you be streaming and from wich country are you? If I dont know when to watch I cant help ofcourse :stuck_out_tongue:

Im from US, in new york so eastern time, i just finished setting up stream so its not TOO laggy, I had to make the quality really bad so I don’t have delay, i still have it a tiny bit but atleast able to play somewhat. I’ll have it on after 5pm est at random times, do you have AIM or MSN? because I kind of don’t want to have it on unless someones watching haha

I have a msn-account but I dont know if srk will allow us to exchange on forums (some forums have rules about things like that). I’ll send it through my xbl account today or if we bump into eachother we could play, but since Im in europe, you could expect some lag (thats why I recommended stream).