Back vs Synch button on 360 wireless stick?


(currently @ work, can’t check my games)

Anybody opt for ditching the “back” button for a “synch” button on their custom sticks?

I have some really nice cases with 3 holes on the side for Start/360 menu/back and can’t remember if any of the fighting games actually use the “back” button at all in any sub-menus…

I could always wire up an extra for the “synch” somewhere (or just open the case if I need to use it…but if “back” isn’t used in most fighting games in general that would be ideal.

Can’t remember…brain old as fuck. :coffee:


Thoughts anybody?


I’ve only been able to test the back button by getting out of the Guide menu, but never recall using it.

I’m thinking that you could get a hole plug and drill two holes in it to fit two of these small buttons if you don’t want to mod your case.


only times i can recall using select/back is to reset the training session in training mode in BB and GG


In ST4 “back” is used to change from name to displaying input in challenge mode.


In Blazblue, “Back” is used to unbind buttons.


versus addict, I know how convenient a wireless stick is, but if you’re going to be going to tournaments with that thing, I’d recommend you instead go wired. That way you don’t have to deal with potential “Wireless is not allowed” rules or something of that nature.

EDIT: Also, to contribute to the topic, I’d say I’d rather put Back instead of Sync as one of your three function buttons. Especially if you’re considering installing a Play and Charge kit in there along with your wireless PCB since I believe the wireless Xbox 360 and even the wireless PlayStation 3 controllers automatically sync to the console they’re connected to for recharging.


Thanks for the info…yeah, I’ll just have to man up and wire in a synch button.

I have these Sanwa SDM-18 buttons, perhaps I’ll mount them in the case and cut a pencil size hole in the bottom plexi so I can reach in there with a pen if I need to use synch.

Kinda nervous about drilling into the plexi/lexan…but thats better than having to unscrew the bottom every time I need to use the synch button and I don’t want to make any more holes in the wood cases themselves.

Good points. I don’t plan on bringing these to any tournaments…but if I ever did I would swap the guts with a hardwired hacked pad.

But seriously, if what you say is true about the **360 auto synching via the play and charge **that would be awesome news, I plan on using play and charge and already have the Neutrik universal/reversible USB adapters built into the cases…man, I hope that is the case.

That would solve my problem, can anybody confirm 100%?


the play and charge kit only provides power to the controller, nothing else travels through the wire, so i dont think it will automatically sync with the console its plugged into.


It’s true the Play and Charge Kit doesn’t actively send data through the USB cable. I won’t pretend I know the specifics, but I believe upon plugging it in to a device, it sends a small data bit to confirm whether or not it’s plugged into an Xbox 360 or something and automatically syncs to it. Hence why you can use it on X360s but not to play games on a PC without a Wireless Gaming Receiver.

I’m definitely BSing a reason as to why it works the way it does, but I wasn’t BSing about my previous claim about it syncing to the console you plug a Play and Charge Kit into. This post by Icee backs me up on this as does this post by DSlayerZX.

In short, versus addict, if you’ve got a Play and Charge Kit installed in your stick, don’t even bother with the Sync button on your case. Use that button hole for a proper Back button since, although its uses are generally minor, it’s definitely useful to have. The Play and Charge Kit will do the syncing for you! :tup:


Excellent info!

Yeah, after I saw your post I looked about and there are quite a few posts on the web where people had a 360 wireless controller that had a broken sync button/would not sync and they bypassed the issue with the PnC kit.

No clue how it works…probably when PnC is detected via usb, the 360 & controller automatically go into synch mode or something by default.

Many thanks, will post up when I have confirmed it works…in a couple weeks hopefully when my builds are done.