Back wave dashing on pad?

Hey guys, I’m generally new to fighting games and I’ve just gotten a bit more into them these days. I was wondering how you back wave dash on a pad? Same with forward. During a game I tend to double click the stick to dash as I can’t block while I wave dash cancel with down and 2 Attk buttons. Any tips for those two problems?

hi, I use pad too , and I found the back wave dash a bit hard, if you don’t pay attention an hyper can be wasted :wink: so it’s simple :b: + :m: + :h: then with a lot of timing :d: and repeat quickly. So you understand that if you pass for the :db: it became :qcb: :m: + :h:.

just hold back and dash. Since you are using a pad hit H and the macro for L+M+H or whatever


You don’t even have to macro, right trigger on pad is defaulted as L+M+H.

Man, I can’t believe this shit. -_-

Pretty sure everything that’s done on a stick can be done on pad. It just depends on how much work you’re willing to put in.

I know it was possible, I was just always told that it was so incredibly hard as to not be worth trying. Note the word “near” in the post.

Believe none of what you hear and half of what you see…but seriously a lot of the pad vs stick stuff is overblown. When you can execute on pad just as well as on stick. So going into training mode and figuring what’s real is always helpful.

Look at a pad. Look at the L,M,H buttons. Imagine trying to dash with that.

It’s believable because it really is nearly impossible to do it consistently with those buttons. No one seems to have ever thought of using any sort of macro, or in this case the standard LMH right trigger…

So yeah, I don’t just believe stuff because someone says it. If I had gone into training mode, I would have just tried to use the basic buttons and failed miserably. =\

You must not of played super 4 man.

I did not. D=