Back! With a new pic, RUBBERPELVIS!

This is some promotional concept art for a comic I am pitching called, Rubberpelvis. I am not going to reveal anything about the story for confendentiality, and don’t get your hopes up either. My work ethic is terrible and I don’t think this comic is gonna get published any time soon. ENJOY!

Composition is not very kewl and I need to work on this colors. I trial image for things to come. I am also going to redesign the characters. A black dude with an afro and pants is not very cool.

Gotta love that broken wrist… mmm, boy - talent.

where’s the evil dancing cat!?

YESS! Bout time you posted on SRK! You really managed to capture the Disco feel!

Jeebus those were quick replies. Thanks for the compliments. I’ll try and keep this place up to date on the progress of the work.

Saturday night fever fused in with Enter the dragon. Good stuff man.

RUBBERPELVIS! LOL! Thats gold! :smiley:

These names and Characters rule! man i’m almost inspired to do fan art just from this one image!

Where and when can I see more?

this has to be the sanest/least zany post I’ve seen from gammon.

good stuff, love the colours… only gripe is “disco” brings more saturated colours to mind. Well, my mind at least… I’m no disco era expert.

good to see you again man :slight_smile:

GAMMOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOON! Sup G? Awesome return piece, looks like you developed a new style too, Im diggin it though. Very original names and title, Xanagogo Contraloaf? Wtf? Too cool for words.

Heh, glad you guys like this simple sample image. Shows me its marketable, thanks! I am planning on pitching the script to Antarctic Press and if I am lucky it will be my first published work.

I’ll keep all you guys updated!

About the style, I would generally not draw like this, but for such a whacky concept I needed some art with feeling and soul.

VERY KEWL!! If you had some sort of disco ball and a bunch of colors it would be too GOOD!