Back with a -Request Thread-

Currently, not taking request

  1. not too much animation
  2. provide sprites or pictures (nothing wallpaper size lol)
  3. no trends that I did not start… so in other words, no ipod avs lol
  4. 3 request at a time

If theres something besides an av that you want, I might still take the request. I’ll try to do any request I didn’t do in the past or didn’t finish, first.

pick ups:

you scrub you were supposed to make my wall paper by now

I just made you that av! lol but 4real, I just didn’t do it because thats when my net was out… I got you:wink:

hey dude, i was wondering if you can make me an avatr with dudley throwing his rose into q doing his tuant
i have these websites i hav e no idea if you can use them
if you can use them heres the main in case you need them for later:

put my name is there some where as well, thank you

Can you make the pic a little more square by taking out the bottom part…but leave his neck and a little of his shirt showing…then, on the bottom Write" Team New Skoo “(no quotes) and under that write"The Real X9”(no quotes)…thank you in advance…IM me on AIM if you have any questions

something like mine, if it isnt too much trouble

Same situation as Dalipicards, put waggs313 in therr and Team NEW SKOOO or however you spell it.

wait… all 3 of you want the same team av? (you guys discussed this right? lol) I’ll have all of the request done tommorow night, I just need you guys to clarify.

yes,Me and Dallaz D created team New Skoo…and we recruited waggs also.It’s all in the cvs2 board

ok, thanks (i was kind of confused about waggs being in a team with 2 cvs2 players lol). thats the image for my AV, Yeah im repping for 3s…:sweat:

SHIT Dallas D has the pic. Can you use this one? Sorry for the trouble.

cool pic

yeah thats niiice

Hey, could I get a Urien avatar. If possible could it be MK color (gold RX color). Other than that, be creative. I’ll wait after your done with these team avatars. Thanks.

Thanks guys.:rock:

Hey Nastradamus could you make me a cool avatar with this? (with my name in it somewhere)

Thanx ahead.

damn I just realized you guys wanted it to look like the av dallas D has… :sweat: . But I can’t do that… I’ll be ripping off DG if I did. Either ask him to do it, or I’ll have to do something completly different.

swpj: your av is up, sorry for the small size but I had to shrink it to save space.

We dont care,we just want it to have Team new skoo in it

ok Ill get you guys next time, sorry for the confusion.


wtf is that? fuck making an av for a racist