Back with a whole lot of crap

Planning on getting a new stick soon and with student fees around the corner, I got to sell some more junk to afford both!

So here goes:

Bundle of SNES games. for 25$ shipped you get
-James Bond Jr
-Super Aquatic games
-Super Star Wars
-Super Krusty’s Fun house
-The legend of Mystical Ninja
-Adventures of Mighty Max
-Scooby doo
all just cartridges, no box except for Scooby doo
Add 5$ and I’ll put in Magic Sword
Another 15$ gets your Breath of Fire.

(so total would be $35 shipped for 10 games)
if you buy all of them I’ll toss in goldeneye 64 for free.

next is Final Fantasy Adventure for original Game boy. Mint, in box with booklet 15$ shipped.
If ever you’re really interested I have Final Fantas legends 1,2, and 3 (2 is incomplete but 1 and 3 are mint in box with booklet) and I would be willing to sell them off as a lot of all 4 for 65$ (this goes a lot more on ebay)

Lumines for PSP (original version): $12 shipped

Valaris, I want you PS2 fighters
CvS2 and Anniversary.

Get at me on MSN later tonight or via Facebook or something with your PPal account.

EDIT: FB is better. I wont be home until late.

I’ll take the DS game too… Castlevania Adventures? WTF lmao… Why do you even have that?

Both of those put on hold for ya.
Sorry dude I was totally out of it. No clue why I put DS. Castlevania adventure is the first castlevania game for GB, not ds o.O

Paid you.

List updated with what’s gone.

LMAO the GB got sold!? haha

Dropped some prices.

PM sent for Dreamcast.

First post updated.