Now I’m not exactly a newb, I’m in G1 but I am still confused as to what backdashes beat and what they don’t. COuld someone please explain it to me?

General rule is you can beat throws with backdashes. I’ve heard you could also beat 360s with backdashing, but I’m not sure(I haven’t played SF4 in a while).

They beat everything that doesn’t have enough active frames to trump their invincibility or range to reach the distance they travel.

Ah right, so basically you wanna throw out something with decent range and a nice amount of active frames. Abel’s sweep seems to knock most people out of their backdash. Either that or a cross up. I guess that means theybeat basically all light moves.

Pretty much…but thats where option selects come in. If a character can chain to c.lp
If hits then c.lp comes out
If whiffs (due to the backdash) then comes out

I’ve noticed that jumping around like a retard also works pretty well against people who like to backdash a lot :]

^ This is 100% correct.

It’s also useful if someone is trying to hit you with certain crossups. For instance, El Fuerte’s moves off his command run are good for mix up and come out relatively quickly. It’s easy for him to cross you up. It’s possible to back dash when you see his command run. Crossups will hit you in front so you don’t have to change your block position and you can counter. Non crossups may very well miss altogether and be open for a counter.

Usually you use your own counters for those situations however. Backdashing is generally just a tool for focus canceling and the zoning/distancing game.

Backdashes are really good. They have a couple of frames of invulnerability, meaning they’ll get you out of everything unless it hits you after that 7 frame period.