Background design for stick

Does anyone know where I can get a nice plain background similar to the one in this Kage wallpaper I got?

I want to put in a new picture in my [FONT=Arial]VF5 Stickas my wife is going to be using this stick now and she likes Kage. I have a hi-res image of Kage (from the Fankit) but all I need is a plain background like the one shown above. She likes the blue, but I don’t want it to have the Live Arena under the VF5 logo.

Any suggestions?


browse the “Digital Art > 3-Dimensional Art > Abstract” section

heres a few I came across

dont you have to buy the art meaning they have water marks(photo shop) and sucky res?

Thanks Domz, that site’s great, and thanks for the suggestions.

I’ll have a look around and hopefully find something suitable. is a good place too. YOu buy credits and use them to buy artwork. If you want to buy something.

No need to buy. Theres a ton of wallpapers on that site that come in hi-res.

There’s lots of crap to weed thru, and they prolly cross post on DA, but i use’s wallpaper section. They’re high enough rez to zoom in on a chunk and tweak slightly.

I found this background from one of the stages, stuck Kage there and after a little photoshop manipulation this is what I came up with.

As it happens, my missus loved it. :woot:

The stick looks good with this artwork too.

It’ good but a little random. I mean, he’s sorta just floating there. Haha, it’s good though.

Yeah, you could improve it by making Kage bigger (so you can’t see his feet), or by letterboxing the background (white or some other color stripes above and below it) so that it no longer looks like he’s supposed to be** in** the background.

Good ideas, I did knock it up pretty quickly and my wife seems to like it, so I didn’t bother messing with it much more.

I might muck around with it a bit when I have some spare time and see what she thinks.

Hehe, photo/picture work is not my strongest point. :wgrin: