- Keeping track of your backlog of games

Cause I know I’ve got a billion games to finish. Too many good games coming out, I feel like I’m collecting more than playing.

This site is pretty cool. I just started today, but its pretty easy to use. You enter a game/system, and you can update whenever, keeping track of your status as you go along. I can’t think of any games I’ve “mastered” though.

Here’s the link to my backlog. Still working on it though. I don’t want to put every game I’ve ever played though, the internet might explode.

I might just sign up…but I doubt it’ll make me play more than I can.

I did it for a few reasons:

  • I’m bored at work and it gives me something to do… think up games that I have/haven’t beaten.
  • It might (big emphasis on that word) entice me to actually finish some of the games I have on the backlist
  • It’ll be interesting to compare lists with other people (if anyone else signs up)

Haha, cool. I have such a collection of games built up from when I did game reviews, I don’t think I’ll ever achieve my goal of finishing them. But this may help me in that. Good stuff.

thanks for ruining my productivity for today. : )

Haha, my backlog is tragic. I feel like I should just shut myself indoors for a month so that I can catch up with the games I haven’t even opened yet.

I’ve only played 2 of my PS2 games- SF Alpha Anthology and VF4. I played Half Life for like 4 and half minutes.

I dont own any video games :frowning:

Cool site. My incomplete list:

Added TS and Gasaraki as friends. Anyone else make a profile yet?

Technically I would have a very long backlog. I was between 300-400 games but a good 50% of them are my brother’s (I just keep them for him in my collection). Out of my own games the only 2 games I bought bu never finished are Megaman ZX:Advent and Apollo Justice.

Here is my backlog so far:

This is going to take a while. I’ve still got a ton to add.

I’ll register this afternoon.

I’m gonna register up for this, yo.

I added chairhome, TS, and Gasaraki. I’ve played too many games. :sad:

workin on mine


I’m on there as RoninChaos

I added all you guys as friends. It’s a shame the site doesn’t have more traffic. Is it failry new? It could use some interface tweaking too.

Anyway I think I’ve got most of my gaming history on there now. I can’t think of any more at the moment at least.

Same. I’m pretty much staying inside day anyway.

But, yeah gods, I’m sure my backlog of books is way worse since I’ve been working at bookstore for the past two years and have like four book cases now.

Anyway, I’m going to try and do this for the next hour or so, though I’ll mostly be going by memory. I’m sure I’ll have like 50 games I’ve never finished at least.

Thanks ChairHome! Now I have to something to do (since no one ever fucking calls me back).

Damned EDIT: Such a huge wall of shame. Such a huge wall of shame.

Why must I always be a destroyer of threads? I swear half of the time I post, it ends being the last post and kills the thread.

I know I’m not likeable (it’s not like I try to be), but damn.


P.S. I’m going to try and update my backlog with NES games sometime today and I’m going to try to both find my working disc of emulators and start one of my PS games again now that I hooked it back up around 3:00 this morning.