- Keeping track of your backlog of games

Haha, don’t worry, I was hoping more people would catch on to this thread. I haven’t been able to update my backlog yet, but I am close to beating one of the games on my backlog… and I know there are a lot of games I haven’t put up yet that I’m trying to go through. :frowning:

Man, some of you guys have huge lists. I need to remember what NES and beyond games I’ve beaten.

I just signed up.

step1: Go on gamespot and make a list for every system of all the games I want to play but haven’t
step2. Find time to play them.

I signed up but i am so lazy to evan add all my games.

Mine too, but a lot of that is because games simply can not hold my interest anymore. Games that I played when I was a lot younger I doubt I’d play now. Like Xenogears and Star Ocean 2 have a lot of slow spots, especially at the beginning, I just don’t see myself finishing those if I started them now.

More recently, Rogue Galaxy and DMC3 are just sitting there unplayed. FF XII too, but in my defense, that game just blows, and at least I got pretty far in it before giving up (I’m in Pharos, almost everyone just gives up there I think). I know I have a lot more, but I honestly think that a lot of these games are just weak anyway. Like Disgaea 2, both Shining Forces on PS2, Radiata Stories. Grandia III. These games all have things in them that seem to actively discourage a person from playing. And the stories are all horrendous too. I find myself just replaying older games, like Suiko III, and Fire Emblem:SS a lot.

Very handy website. However, I accidentally ended up with “KnuckIfYouBuckle” as my user name. :annoy:

Close enough I guess. Will post my backlog later.

i haven’t added anything yet, i’ll probably slowly work on it tonight…

Man you people need to beat more games. I feel like a dork.

Work In Progress.

I forgot aobut this for a bit there, man some of you have really complete lists, I was just going to put what I have currently but I can’t leave it at that any more now can I?

mad bump. using this website actually makes me want to complete my games but fuck i got a shit load of unfinished games. how are you guys holding up?